BOAR 2024

BOAR 2024

BOAR (1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019)

Get ready for a lucky change in fortunes, Boar! But, remember, you need to believe in yourself. The heavens are on your side and you have great networking potential. Keep your focus and prepare for stunning results. To start the year right, you have to wear and meditate with the Mala of the Sacred Seeds for additional luck, guidance, and protection. Chant the Shiva Mantra of Prosperity and Success: Om Vaamadevaaya Namaha–a good mantra to attract wealth, success, and creativity, remove obstacles, foster inner peace, and cultivate both material prosperity and spiritual growth.

As the year turns, the ever-shifting dance of the five elements (earth, metal, water, wood, and fire) can potentially affect your sign’s foundational energy, impacting your wealth, career, health, relationships, and protection. To cultivate harmony and attract abundance in these areas, the FIRE “Om Mani Padme Hum” Corrective Element Bracelet and the METAL “Om Mani Padme Hum” Corrective Element Bracelet in 2024 offer a powerful tool to align you with the rhythm of the elements and navigate the new year with prosperity and grace. You may re-use this bracelet (forever) again in subsequent years that demand a boost in the elements.

Embrace the mysterious energy of the celestial beings and make the most of your incredible potential! To make the most out of the year and harness the good energies the Year of the Dragon brings, always consult your copy of The Mala Tree’s ABUNDANCE PLANNER 2024. Plan important events such as business beginnings, product launches, travel plans, medical procedures, and more, while navigating your path to prosperity with guidance from this planner. Embrace your Feng Shui days, and you’ll find reasons to be thankful.

To capture the good fortune heading your way, carry the Round Om Silver Pendant and wear a Pietersite Bracelet. For a boost in wealth, display the Gold Tiger’s Eye Plate/Slab in the Southwest. Banish negativity with an Ojo de Dios – a powerful talisman. Position it at your house entrance, by the main door, and inside your car.

Watch out for the Three Killings and Yearly Conflict Star in your sector, as they can bring some problems. Remedy this by placing a Smokey Quartz Crystal Point/Generator/Wand in the South and the Aventurine MoneyTree in the Northwest. To keep negative energies and the effects of the Tai Sui, make sure you have the Sudden Death Protection Bracelet and pair it with the Travel and Accident Protection Bracelet.

For students aiming for excellent grades and professionals striving for success, the Black Obsidian Piyao Money Ball Bracelet is the perfect energizer. Display several pieces of Lapis Lazuli Tumbled Stones on your study or work desk for wisdom and focus.

In the 2024 chart, the element of Water is lacking. Restore harmony by enhancing the Water element on January 1 with the powerful Feng Shui Water Incense Sticks to enhance the water energy.

Below is a bulleted forecast for specific aspects (Wealth, Career, Relationships, and Health) of your Feng Shui sign in 2024:

Wealth: 4/5

  • Positive financial outlook: Expect opportunities for unexpected income and benefits.
  • Financial prudence: Manage finances wisely, avoid risks, and prioritize smart spending.
  • Plan for unexpected expenses: Be ready to adapt to occasional financial bumps.
  • Sound financial knowledge: Invest in learning financial strategies for stability and growth.
  • Success is on your side: Embrace favorable financial luck. A Sapphire Bracelet is a good amulet for those who want to improve their financial luck. It is also a protective stone.

Career: 5/5

  • Promising career path: Hard work, networking, and skill development will lead to success.
  • Growth opportunities: Explore opportunities for advancement and recognition.
  • Deepen expertise for stability: Existing professionals should focus on improving their skills.
  • Business expansion potential: Consider opportunities to expand your influence and collaborate.
  • Inside your office, near your work desk, hang an Ojo de Dios of Wish Fulfillment for additional luck.

Health: 4/5

  • Prioritize well-being: Maintain a healthy lifestyle through diet, exercise, and stress management.
  • Focus on preventative care: Take steps to prevent potential health issues.
  • Overall good health is expected: Enjoy a healthy and happy year by prioritizing well-being.
  • Guard your health – especially your heart and circulatory system with a Dumortierite Crystal Point/Generator/Wand. Place it near your bed.

Relationship: 5/5

  • Love is in the air for singles: Look for potential partners at social events or through friends.
  • Strengthen existing bonds: Couples should prioritize communication and empathy.
  • Balance work and personal life: Prioritize your relationship while managing other responsibilities.
  • Beware of jealousy: Be aware of potential negative influences in your relationship.
  • Wear the Auspicious Evil Eye Silver Pendant to ward off people who wish you ill and may cause damage to your relationships.
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