Our Boutique and Show Room

Our physical store, THE MALA TREE Boutique, provides a quiet space to make that instant connection between you and your crystals/dharma items. The store is fully air-conditioned.
Cleansing and programming crystals requires focused attention from both you and our wellness staff and the boutique provides just that. With only mantra and Kirtan music in the background, you are sure to select the crystals in peace and go through the cleansing ritual without distractions.

Our store address, 189 Maginhawa corner Makadios Streets, are also very auspicious. 1, 8, and 9 are the luckiest numbers in numerology and Flying Star Feng Shui (Victory Luck, Wealth, and Future Prosperity - respectively). Maginhawa also translates to "comfortable, prosperous" in English and Makadios, on the other hand, means "godly." In effect, visiting The Mala Tree alone surrounds you with good Feng Shui Luck and Heaven Luck.

You are sure that you go home with your crystals and accessories whose origin spells success, positivity, and good energy. Online orders benefit from the auspiciousness as well as we cleanse and program the crystals at the very same shop.

Visit us at the 2nd Floor of No. 189 Maginhawa Street, Sikatuna Village, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines. Maginhawa Street is the new food and culture hub in Metro Manila.  

You may find our shop using Waze and Google Maps.  Just search for The Mala Tree and the app will take you to our shop.


10 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Mala Tree:

Our physical store, The Mala Tree Boutique at 189 Maginhawa QC, is open DAILY EXCEPT MONDAYS, 10AM to 6PM. Why visiting our store should be worth it? Here are some reasons why:

1.) You can actually see and feel the stones and find out which ones resonate with you.
2.) Your crystals will be cleansed and programmed in front of you.
3.) Our store address is at the corner of MAGINHAWA (Translation: comfortable/convenient) and MAKA-DIOS (Translation: godly) Streets. 
4.) Our store address is 1-8-9, the luckiest numbers in Feng Shui.
5.) Maginhawa Street is the food and culture hub in the Metro. Feast on the various restaurants and cafe in the area after visiting The Mala Tree. Nourish the body after feeding the soul.
6.) At the store, you will enjoy the peace and quiet of selecting your crystals in a private space. With mantra music in the background. With colorful artwork and tapestries and prayer flags around you.
7.) Our staff are fully vaccinated, and we disinfect the area after each customer.
8.) We have friendly and helpful and cheerful staff. When you buy from The Mala Tree, you help the company give jobs. 
9.) We sell authentic and effective products. The testimonials and the stories say it all.



  • All The Mala Tree staff and artisans are fully vaccinated.
  • We sanitize the store after each customer.
  • We observe other protocols such as wearing of masks and social distancing.