The 12 Protections Bracelet Collection 

The Mala Tree's 12 Protections Bracelet Collection is a handcrafted line of 12 unique and powerful bracelets designed to help protect and shield the wearer against physical harm as well as blockages to abundance, manifestation, and happiness. Each bracelet is made with semi-precious gemstone beads, chosen for their intention and healing properties that align with the specific protection it promises.


The 12 Protections Crystal Collection by The Mala Tree Crystal Shop offers spiritual guidance through each unique design which will provide additional layers of shielding for anyone who wishes to wear one - whether physical or metaphysical danger.


Bracelets That Will Shield You from Unfortunate Circumstances

The 12 Protections Bracelet Collection by The Mala Tree Crystal Shop is the perfect way to shield yourself from any danger, bad luck, unwanted energies and obstacles that might be coming your way. This collection features 12 unique bracelets, each imbued with powerful energies that will help guard against bad luck, negative feelings, and emotional hardship. From protection from physical harm to spiritual blockage, this collection is a must have for anyone looking for some extra assurance.


Extra Layers of Defense

We believe that wearing these pieces of jewelry should provide comfort knowing that there is an extra layer of defense between yourself and whatever it may be that you feel threatened by or need protection against. With our 12 Protections Bracelet Collection you can rest assured that whatever life throws your way – whether it’s physical danger or emotional hardship you’ll be covered! With this bracelet collection, you can be sure that you’re always well-armed and prepared for whatever life throws your way.


The Power of the Evil Eye Bead

The Mala Tree’s 12 Protections Bracelet Collection also features the powerful Evil Eye Bead. This unique bead is believed to warn off negative energy and evil spirits while providing protection against bad luck. The Evil Eye Bead is said to deflect the “evil eye” – a malicious stare from someone who wishes you harm or bad luck – and protect you from any danger that may come your way.


Oval Evil Eye Bead

At the center of each bracelet is the stunning Oval Evil Eye Bead. The oval shape has been used throughout history to represent protection and strength. The oval evil eye bead is the strongest protective talisman known, and will surely shield the wearer from harm, bad luck or misfortune.


This bead is said to have a mystical power that helps protect you from any harm or misfortune coming your way and it’s used as a symbol of protection among many different cultures. With this special bead, you can be sure to receive the extra layer of protection you need in your life.


Timeless Design: Style and Protection


The 12 Protections Bracelet Collection from The Mala Tree Crystal Shop is a unique new collection that offers the perfect balance of style and protection. Our bracelets are designed with both fashion and function in mind. Each piece is handcrafted to look beautiful while also providing a layer of protection against any physical or spiritual harm that may come your way. So if you’re looking for extra protection, great style, and unique designs then The Mala Tree Crystal Shop's 12 Protections Bracelet Collection is the perfect choice for you.


Our 12 Protections Collection is perfect for anyone looking for some extra protection or just wanting an aesthetically beautiful addition to their wardrobe. They are sure to be treasured pieces which will be worn time after time!


Buy Once, Use It Forever


The bracelets in this collection are timeless pieces of jewelry that you can use forever! The 12 Protections Bracelet Collection by The Mala Tree Crystal Shop offers a piece of jewelry that is both beautiful and powerful – perfect for anyone looking to add some extra protection to their lives. With its unique design, these bracelets are sure to become a staple in anyone’s wardrobe.


The 12 Protections Bracelet Collection by The Mala Tree Crystal Shop is the perfect way to stay safe and protected while still looking your best. With beautiful, handcrafted designs and powerful energies, this collection will have you feeling confident and secure no matter what life throws at you. So go ahead – arm yourself with the power of protection and get ready to tackle anything that comes your way!


Don’t wait another minute – shop The Mala Tree's 12 Protections Bracelet Collection today and experience the power of protection for yourself. With our collection, you can be sure that whatever life throws at you, you’ll be more than ready to take it on!






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