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SoulThread Collection

SoulThread Collection

SoulThread Collection

“Handwoven healing ornaments for your space and for your soul.”

The Mala Tree has always been fascinated with centuries-old artforms and artisanal objects that bring not only beauty, but healing as well. We’re fascinated with the manipulation of thread—how a single thread when woven with others can give birth to a valued piece. We’re fascinated with the human hand especially when it interlaces with ingenuity and creativity to produce magic in the form of timeless pieces.

Now, we bring the fascination to you with another set of handmade and hand-knotted artisan creations that will amplify the good flow of energy and boost healing in any space. In keeping with our practice of creation and curation, the meticulous attention to detail that we afford to every japa mala we string, and our decade-long advocacy of spreading the healing energies of crystals, we bring you The Mala Tree’s SoulThread Collection.

  • Raw, Beautiful & Stylish
  • 100% Handmade & 100% Unique
  • Brings Life to a Dull Space
  • Boosts Healing & Positive Energy
  • 100% Natural Materials: Wood, Thread, Gemstones


Heal your space as you heal your soul with The Mala Tree’s SoulThread Collection!

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