Are you looking for a new way to decorate any space, charge your crystals, or add an element to your abundance and sacred spaces?

Gemstone plates, slabs, and bowls are the perfect solution. They’re made from real healing crystals and gemstones so they can be used as decorative pieces. Display them as beautiful works of Mother Nature's art that will add color and style to any space.

A gemstone slab, plate, or bowl isn't just a beautiful object. It's meant to be used in order to help with healing on several different levels. Placing crystals on it can imbue it with other potent energies. By placing pictures or special objects (like deities and other crystals) on them will also provide many metaphysical benefits and energy enhancement.

You may also place the plates under your pillow or under your bed. You may put the bowls on your bedside table, work table, or your dining area if you programmed it for a specific intention.

Gemstone slabs, plates, and bowls are powerful tools for healing on many levels. Their vibrational energy can be calming, stimulating, or highly reactive to the needs of the person they are being used with. They have been part of holistic healing therapies to help people who are physically, mentally, and emotionally unwell.

If you love natural beauty then these gemstone plates, slabs, and bowls are definitely for you! The best part is that they will last for a lifetime. These gemstone plates, slabs, and bowls make great gifts too. And since each plate is unique there’s no chance anyone else will have anything quite like it either.

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