Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where do you get your products?
Our gemstone products are ethically sourced from reputable partners all over the world. Whenever we can (yes, we travelled a lot), we conduct site visits to check the crystals personally and to see the working conditions of our partners’ employees.
Our handmade products are made by artisans of The Mala Tree. Our banner products were designed and handcrafted by us. We are a handmade company.

2. Do you offer COD?
We currently do not offer this option. However, we offer several payment methods given before check out to provide you an easy online shopping experience. We also guarantee that all paid orders on our website will be processed.

3. How do I get my wrist measurement?
If you do not have a tape measure with you, you may get a strip of paper or thread and then wrap it around your wrist where the wrist bone is located. Mark these and then get a ruler to get the measurement in CENTIMETERS. Please get the EXACT size and do not add any allowance.

4. How to cleanse crystals?
Although we cleanse the stones at the shop and before sending, at some point, you may need to cleanse your crystals. We have identified the various cleansing options in the How to Cleanse article under the Resources section of our website. You can also moon-charge your crystals especially during the full moon.

5. Do I wear crystals on my left or right hand?
There are a lot of school of thought regarding this topic and this would entail a lengthy discussion. Intention setting is more important. Personally, we wear bracelets of protection on the left wrist.

6. Do you cleanse and charge the crystals before shipping them out?
Yes! We cleanse all items before ship them out to you. Using ancient cleansing techniques and practices and our signature three-way cleansing method, we guarantee that your items are free from negativity so you can start working with them as soon as you receive them. We don't ship on inauspicious dates.
We also assure you that the Root Energy of our products are positive and auspicious. Root Energy dictates that the customer will inherit the success, luck, and stability of the source. With The Mala Tree products, that is not a problem.

7. Do you customize?
As authors of crystal healing books have said, since crystals deal with energy, mixing stones is a bit tricky because some crystals clash with the energy of another. We have existing "mixed" stones in our collection such as the chakra, life path, and "ultimate" bracelets which you can check out. Some Mala necklaces have mixed stones as well. We continue to research on safe and powerful ways to combine stones and those in our inventory are found to be non-clashing.

Also, like in chemistry know that a particular stone's metaphysical properties change when mixed with another stone in a single accessory. If they are non-clashing, the effect would still be good.

Let us know your design idea and we will see if the combination does not clash and we will give you a quote.

8. Do you have an ALL-IN-ONE Bracelet?
In real crystal healing, as per our research, a real "all-in-one" bracelet does not exist. There are crystals that have multiple and versatile functions and can address most of a person's needs though. Check our website and those crystals that will attract you are the ones you really need.