Moon Charging Your Crystals

Charging Your Crystals During Full Moon (and Whenever There is Moon)


Harness the powerful goddess energy of the moon by charging your crystals with moonlight. Follow these steps:

1. Put your crystals near the window and let the moonlight shine on them. You don't have to open the window. This will work as long as the moonlight touches your crystal. This resets the healing crystals and gemstones and imbues them with more healing powers.

2. Give it some time. Your crystals will tell you once it is ready to be programmed. You may also choose to get it the morning after.

3. Program it with your intention: Hold it with your left hand, give it love, surrender love to the Universe, and program it with your intentions. Tell it what to do.

4. Your healing crystals and gemstones are now charged by the moon's goddess energy.

5. You may choose to do an Abundance Ritual as you do Step 2 above like burning incense, clearing your space with a singing bowl or lighting a candle.

6. You can do this anytime the moon is exposed, but lightworkers say that this becomes more powerful during the full moon.

7. The Full Moon's power lasts for three days: the day before the date of the Full Moon, the exact date of the Full Moon, and the day after the date of the Full Moon.

Expect blessings to come your way. The most important thing is to believe.