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The 9 Life Path Numbers

The 9 Life Path Numbers: Get to Know Yours

Essentially it is an individual’s core essence number; their most innate driving force. The Life Path Number relates to what you are meant to do with your life and who you are or want to be.

In Numerology, there are nine different numbers that correspond with nine different aspects of life.

1: The Leader - the person who comes in first. This path is about ambition, uniqueness, and breaking out of the norm to create new things. Click this link for more information about Life Path Number 1.

2: The Peace-maker - this number is all about living a balanced life; practicality and hard work go hand-in-hand with finding joy in both family and career. They are often formally perceived as successful individuals. Click this link for more information about Life Path Number 2.

3:  The Creative - the person who is in tune with their emotions and willing to communicate them with others. This path is all about optimism and enjoying life, which makes it a very positive number.  Click this link for more information about Life Path Number 3.

4: The Worker - this number represents independence and self-discipline. It takes the path less traveled and focuses on going its own way. Click this link for more information about Life Path Number 4.

5: The Adventurer - a curious individual, always looking for a new experience or challenge to keep them occupied. This often makes them seem restless and impatient, but they always have lots of energy. Click this link for more information about Life Path Number 5.

6: The Nurturer - representing balance, structure, and security, this path is very much about family and making a home for themselves. They often have big plans for the future. Click this link for more information about Life Path Number 6.

7: The Seeker - this number represents intellect, analysis, and being a seeker of knowledge, whether it be from studying hard at school or exploring new places on holiday. This person always has their head in a book! Click this link for more information about Life Path Number 7.

8: The Influencer - this number is all about having influence and charisma. They are strong-willed, ambitious, and often make their own rules as they go along.  Click this link for more information about Life Path Number 8.

9: The Nobleman - this number is about caring and giving, ethical and sensitive, idealistic but grounded in reality. This path involves compromise and helping others, although they can sometimes seem to sacrifice their own needs.  Click this link for more information about Life Path Number 9.

When someone knows their life path number, they have a stronger spiritual connection to their inner selves. Finding out this information can help with the healing process. Every soul's life path number determines the course of our lives. It shapes how we interact with people, what powers we are given, and the fate that awaits us at the end. If you know your life path number you can work to increase its power for your own benefit and happiness.


LIFE PATH GUIDANCE Bracelet Collection

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The Mala Tree has always been about helping people summon all the needed positive energy to live a fulfilling abundant life. Although there is Feng Shui, the zodiacs, the Chakras, and the gemstones and accessories that boost our luck in many aspects of our lives, we can further seek guidance from our knowledge of Numerology and our Life Path Numbers.

For years, we have been studying Numerology, and although we have incorporated Numerology elements in the way we string your Mala, we have not introduced any product that specifically focuses on this very important influencer of our characteristics, destiny and fate. 

But 2020 and the pandemic happened. The world became a lonely place for most people, and as the trusted brand for wellness, positivity, and abundance, The Mala Tree felt the need to help increase our customers’ luck and blessings by coming up with a new collection that will definitely make 2021 and the years to come full of hope, promise, good health, abundance, love, happiness, and fulfillment.

We have spent months researching on the LIFE PATH GUIDANCE BRACELETS and the best gemstones that amplify the potentials that your Life Path Number towards fulfillment—of destiny, of dreams, of wants. Together with Lava Stone which is the ultimate stone for positive change, the crystals in your Life Path Bracelets will guide and lead you to the best possible version of yourself as you continue your journey to achieve life’s wonderful blessings and abundance.

May you fill your life with good numbers. Love and light!