LIFE PATH NO. 7 Guidance Bracelet

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We used 2 bead sizes in this design. The main stones are approximately 8mm while the Lava Stone is approximately 10mm.
Crystal Numerology Recipe:
For years, we have carefully studied Numerology and how it relates to our life paths. Along with it, is the formulation of the best crystals that resonate with a certain life path number—4 gemstones that work together to lead the owner to fulfillment
This item is made from natural gemstones and the item you will receive may have its own nuances and inclusions. There may also be slight variations in bead sizes in a bracelet, but closest to the bead size you have chosen. Each piece is unique.
Originally designed by The Mala Tree:
You will receive a list of the stones used in a description card that comes with the product.
You may use this bracelet as an essential oil diffuser bracelet by putting drops of your favorite essential oil to the Lava Stone beads.
Forecast for 2021, Numerology Basics, How to Compute Your Life Path Number, and other information related to your Life Path.
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“THE SEEKER” who is in search of knowledge from the practical to spiritual.

As masters of analysis and investigation, those under Life Path No. 7 are natural-born detectives. Their attention to details, while their connection to realities always leads them to fruitful and less-stressful journeys that yield successful results. Their eye for detail may lead to them being perfectionists, so they tend to take responsibility and assume faults when things do not fall into plan. They must keep an open mind and understand that they cannot always carry the weight of the world.

WHAT THIS SAYS ABOUT YOU: You are gifted with SYMPATHY. You feel strongly for the needs and happiness of people around you. Your peaceful and reflective nature is helpful in your relationship with people.

LIFE PATH NO. 7 AND WEALTH: Life Path No. 7 people are deep thinkers and their money luck is very hard to ascertain. They have big potential in earning big money yet they are also easily targeted by financial obstacles. Your main blockage towards money is thinking that you are not deserving of money—and this is carved deeply into your subconscious. When you clear this unhealthy mindset, you will also clear your blockages to success.



Friends: 1, 3, 4, 5, 7 & 9
Enemies: 2 & 6

Least - 1, 2 & 8
Most - 3 & 5

IMPORTANT DO’S AND DON’TS: Tame your moodiness. You need to give importance to the value of Trust.


2021 FORECAST & PREDICTIONS FOR LIFE PATH NO. 7: Let’s not beat around the bush - the start of the year will be very, very rough for you. But it will not be for long, so relax because now that you want to dip your fingers in numerology, you will be able to alter the uncertainties the first three months may bring you. Make certain adjustments with your life, think of the things and people - yes this includes people - that create obstacles and hinder your growth. When you are stuck in a situation, especially at work, revisit past proposals and projects and analyze where you may have had some Waterloos. See them from a different perspective and you may surprise yourself with good results. Wear crystals that will help you with clarity and gems that may help you make peace with yourself and the people around you.


To know your life path number, you need to know your full date of birth and add the numbers until you arrive at a single number.
For example, you were born on 7 October 1979.
Convert this to a number: 07-10-1979.
Add the numbers: 7+10 = 17; 1+9+7+9 =26.
Add the two digits: 17+26= 43.
Add to a single digit; 4+3 = 7.
Your life path number is 7.