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Choosing a Mantra

Here are the ways to choose a mantra that resonates well with you.
1. Be intuitive. Read a list of mantras. Choose a mantra that makes you feel a certain emotional excitement.
2. Reflect on your emotional and mental state. Be sensitive to any negative feelings or thoughts that are lingering within you. There are mantras you can use to shift these states towards the positive.
3. Clarify your intention. Take time to contemplate where you are right now and where you want to be either spiritually or materialistically. Once your intent is clear, choose a mantra that will help you achieve what you want.
4. Choose what complements your Mala. Japa mala beads often have 2 or 3 mantras that work well on them. Moreover, the properties of healing gemstones and crystals in your mala resonate with certain intentions. Put these into consideration when choosing the right mantra.
5. Test the mantra. Take time to find out if the mantra works well with you. You can do this by speaking it out loud while listening to it. Then say it with a whisper and then speak them with your mind. Give yourself a couple of days to figure this out.
6. Commit yourself to the mantra. Stick using just this one mantra you have chosen in your Japa mala bead meditations. Do not let challenges or even boredom from doing otherwise. It is recommended that you do a 40-day daily meditation with the mantra. It empowers the mantra as well as your mala healing crystals and gemstones.