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Numerology and Your Life Path


Numerology is the practice that believes there is a connection between numbers and life events and occurrences that directly impact one’s life.  It establishes a link between numbers and their unique vibrations and a person’s characteristics and destiny. It can be used to define direction and meaning, forecast or predict trends or tendencies, and the influences that affect one’s life. These numbers have an impact on our personality and potential, making it a good guide for a person to attain a sense of fulfillment.



Patterns. The daily things which, once we’ve mastered can help us easily do our tasks with much ease and comfort. Think of these white lines which you see on the road, you will instantly know that that is the spot where pedestrians should cross. In ancient, weather behavior was observed by studying the form and shapes of the clouds.

In astrology, the zodiac signs and the planets are tied with certain elements and distinctions to the study of numerology. Numbers are associated with some characteristics and traits—patterns. These data provided by the planets, the stars and numbers are used to offer greater understanding of personality, the future, and one’s destiny. Even the great philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras has acknowledged and believed this philosophy.

The most important number in numerology is the Life Path Number. The LIFE PATH NUMBER reflects who you are, your personality, the opportunities, and challenges you may face, and the lessons you need to learn. Each number from 1 to 9 has a different special meaning.  These numbers are engraved in your birthday which is made up of numbers.