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TIGER 2024

TIGER 2024

TIGER (1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022)


Unleash the Tiger within and pursue your wildest dreams! This year, your luck is unstoppable with lucky stars guiding you towards new opportunities. Push past any obstacles from the past and get ready for your big breakthrough!

Every new year brings a new energetic landscape, potentially destabilizing your sign’s element. As the year changes, so too do the elemental forces that influence your sign’s core energy. This can lead to instability in areas like wealth, career, health, relationships, and protection. Wearing the WATER “Om Mani Padme Hum” Corrective Element Bracelet and the METAL “Om Mani Padme Hum” Corrective Element Bracelet in 2024 provides a potent way to align with the five elements and cultivate harmony and abundance. You may re-use this bracelet (forever) in future years that call for an enhancement of the elements.

Get ready for a year filled with magic and possibilities, Tiger!  To make the most out of the year and to harness the good energies the Year of the Dragon brings, always consult your copy of The Mala Tree’s ABUNDANCE PLANNER 2024. Strategically plan major activities like business launches, product introductions, travel, medical procedures, and others to enhance your journey toward prosperity. Utilize this planner for guidance, befriend your Feng Shui days, and experience gratitude.

There’s only one thing to watch out for the Yin House Star. Ward off its negative effects with the Beryl and Aquamarine Lucky Arowana Bespangled 108 Mala. Chant your recommended mantra this year, the Ganesh Mantra of Success: Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha.

Tap into the support of the heavens with the Angelite Bracelet. As we enter a new period, wear a Kyanite Bracelet and the Betrayal & Backstabbing Protection Braceletand display the Citrine Money Tree in the East to protect what you have and invite in incredible triumphs and successes!

For a stroke of wealth and good fortune, place an Apatite Plate/Slab inside your living rooms and a Black Obsidian Plate/Slab near your main entrances. Combat negativity with an Ojo de Dios. Place it by your main door, in your car, and outside your house.

Students, boost your grades with a Sodalite Double Terminated Pendant and place several pieces of Botswana Agate Tumbled Stones inside your bags and on your study desks.  And if you’re aiming for success in your career, display an Aventurine Orb/Sphere on your study or work desk for a boost in achieving greatness.

Enhance the energy of 2024 by addressing its imbalance of elements. Start the year strong by lighting Feng Shui Water Incense Sticks to enhance the water element. on January 1st. 2024 lacks the Water element.

Below is a bulleted forecast for specific aspects (Wealth, Career, Relationships, and Health) of your Feng Shui sign in 2024:

Wealth: 2/5

  • Potential financial setbacks: Unexpected bills and home repairs might occur.
  • Secure income: Stabilize monthly income to manage expenses.
  • Avoid extravagance: Prioritize financial needs and avoid unnecessary spending.
  • Explore secondary income: Consider additional sources of income to improve financial stability.
  • Cautious investments: Avoid high-risk financial ventures.
  • Labradorite Palm Stone placed in your living room or main entrance will bring an abundance of luck and opportunities.

Career: 2/5

  • Workplace changes: Expect significant shifts within teams or organizations.
  • Job insecurity possible: Be prepared for potential career challenges.
  • Dedication and teamwork: Demonstrate commitment and maintain positive relationships at work.
  • Creative opportunities: Creative individuals might find opportunities to shine.
  • To gain support from helpful people in the workplace, including your bosses, place several Larimar Tumbled Stones inside your work bag and drawers.

Health: 2/5

  • Mental health focus: Incorporate daily practices like Yoga and meditation for well-being.
  • Healthy habits: Avoid harmful habits like smoking and prioritize a healthy lifestyle.
  • Seek medical attention: Be proactive in addressing any health concerns.
  • For financial support and well-being, place a Yooperlite Crystal Point/Generator/Wand inside your dining room.

Relationship: 2/5

  • Emotional volatility: Be aware of potential mood swings and their impact on relationships.
  • Singles: focus on self-esteem: Prioritize self-love and confidence to attract healthy connections.
  • Committed couples: clear communication: Open and honest communication is crucial to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Married couples: quality time: Invest in shared experiences and vacations to strengthen bonds.
  • Hang a Mini Ojo de Dios of Love on your bedroom window, near your bed for love luck.
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