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ANGELITE (The Stone of Quiet Strength and Acceptance / The Stone of Angels) is quite likely to be the strongest "gentle energy" stone in existence. It is a stone of angelic calming energy, excellent for purifying the emotional body. It fundamentally helps repel cruelty from others. Angelite is a Solidifier crystal which makes it particularly useful in efforts to stabilize a situation. For someone who has finally achieved a desired state, the use of a Solidifier will help him or her maintain that state. They are very useful for people who have dieted effectively and donÌ»ååt want to regain weight. They are useful for people who have established a relationship and now want to make it permanent. Angelite brings Water Energy which is beneficial to career and life path aspect. Use Angelite in meditations of acceptance. Some things we must deal with. This is the crystal to help with that fact of life we all face. It acts a stone of psychic protection. If you have to be around a negative person, try giving them a piece of Angelite because it will increase their sense of compassion and empathy. If you're working on forgiveness, Angelite is a great stone to carry with you as its calming energy will help you move through the healing process with serenity and grace.