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Multiply your luck with the combined powers of the auspicious Piyao and your Feng Shui Birth Year element. Get the harmonizing benefits of 4 healing crystals and the amplified healing and boosting of real silver in one bracelet. Buy it once, use it forever.

“BIRTH ELEMENT” AT A GLANCE: 2022 is the Year of the “WATER” Tiger and 2023 is the Year of the WATER Rabbit. Each year is governed by a ruling element - INCLUDING your birth year. It is good to always know your Feng Shui animal sign, but it’s BETTER if you are also aware of your BIRTH YEAR ELEMENT because through this vital information, you can further multiply your luck.

HOW TO FIND OUT YOUR BIRTH ELEMENT? The last digit of your LUNAR (Chinese) BIRTH YEAR determines your element:

  • METAL - Birth years ending in 0 or 1
  • WATER - Birth years ending in 2 or 3
  • WOOD - Birth years ending in 4 or 5
  • FIRE - Birth years ending in 6 or 7
  • EARTH - Birth years ending in 8 or 9

THE BRACELET CONCEPT: The Mala Tree wants to string you a Birth Element Bracelet that you can use for a very long time. We want it to be powerful, too, and be an amplifier of good fortune and abundance in all aspects of life. We want it to be a marriage of FENG SHUI and CRYSTAL HEALING. Our years of research in CRYSTAL HARMONY has enabled us to design bracelets that are POTENT and SAFE - there are NO CLASHING ENERGIES in The Mala Tree’s crystal combinations. Best of all, we designed the bracelets so they will be CLASSY, CURRENT, and can appeal to both sexes. The Piyaos are made from high-quality silver, and there are two variants for each element - Silver and Gold-plated silver.

THE BIRTH ELEMENT PIYAO BRACELET DESIGN: Feng Shui, in essence, is all about the BALANCE OF ELEMENTS. Too much of an element makes things imbalanced and can sometimes can create chaos. This is why we did not want to be redundant: Giving importance to the PRODUCTIVE CYCLE of the FIVE ELEMENT THEORY, we handpicked healing crystals and gemstones that FEED and EMPOWER your sign.

THE FIRST PIYAO BRACELET TO FOCUS ON SPECIFIC FENG SHUI ELEMENTS. The Piyao (The Fortune Beast) is a very powerful Feng Shui symbol. According to myth, during the Jade Emperor’s birthday in Heaven, the Piyao (or Pixiu) ate all the gold and silver inside the palace. The Jade Emperor punished the Piyao by restricting the Piyao’s diet to GOLD and by preventing it to expel the gold he has eaten, too. Since then, this mythical creature has been a symbol of wealth acquisition and preservation. The Piyao is the youngest (9th) son of the Dragon King and with its large fangs can attack evil spirits and demons. He drains their spirit essence and converts it to wealth. As winged lion, its courageous stance and fierce expression wards off evil spirits and protects its owner from accidents and dangers. An obedient and loving companion, he is a favorite amongst traditional Feng Shui practitioners.

The 12 Blessings of the Piyao / Pixiu:
1.) Attracts good fortune and wealth luck.
2.) Protects the house, the office or the person wearing it.
3.) Showers any space with good Feng Shui energy.
4.) Appeases the Taisui (Grand Duke Jupiter).
5.) Promotes travel luck and protection.
6.) Keeps and magnifies the wealth and gets the money moving.
7.) Increases chances of receiving unexpected wealth (windfall luck).
8.) Gives its wearer a good quality life (all aspects, full circle).
9.) Instills love and harmony in your relationships.
10.) Increases one’s fame and reputation luck.

11.) It wards off evil and people with bad intentions.

12.) It fulfills its owner’s wishes and safeguards the owner’s health, too.

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