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The use of gemstones for decoration is an age-old tradition. In modern times, gemstones tend to be decorative and spiritual. They are still valued for their beauty and durability. They are also used to adorn homes with the intention of bringing spiritual wellbeing.

People put gemstones on display for many reasons. They range from a collection of a certain type, to a collection of all types, to decorating the interior of homes and buildings.

Gemstones are used in some cultures for spiritual empowerment, or protection. In various religions people might wish to have their houses blessed with gemstone decorations. It is believed that the cleansing properties of stones can ward off negative energy and bring positive energy.

Gemstones are also used in the decoration of churches and cathedrals. Just as the gemstones of royalty were considered to have magical properties, so too it was believed that stone ornaments in places of worship would protect the inhabitants from evil spirits.

In the home, gemstones are used in a similar spirit. In feng shui, different types of stone are associated with good and bad energies. Once the type of stone has been determined by an appropriate practitioner, it can be placed in appropriate areas around the home for maximum spiritual benefit.

Some types of stone have been associated with different aspects of life, such as fertility, wealth and success. They can be used in various ways around the home to help bring about a better life. A gemstone's color often has an effect, so those that are green or blue may be placed in areas where they can enhance health and vitality.

Stone decor is usually placed at locations that do not have much decoration to bring out their beauty and properties. They can be placed on tables or in displays, and can look stunning when they are illuminated by sunlight. They can also add a natural element to the decor of a space if they are used as flooring.

Gemstones have been prized for their decorative and spiritual properties for thousands of years. Their use today brings the same benefits as it always has. Their properties are associated with particular effects, and they can be placed in the home to promote promotion, robust health, good fortune, and happiness.


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