Ojo De Dios

Ojo De Dios

Bad luck and evil spirits are a constant threat to our happiness. 

How do you get rid of bad luck, negativity, and evil spirits?

If you’re suffering from bad luck, negative energy, or just want to bring more good fortune into your life, The Mala Tree has the answer: The Mala Tree’s OJO DE DIOS GEMSTONE SERIES is an original design that incorporates the centuries-old Mexican tradition of hanging Ojo de Dios to bring happiness, prosperity, protection, and good health into any space at home, workplace, your place of business, or even your car. This original design by The Mala Tree is a powerful good-luck charm against evil and harmful spirits that will help ensure success in the different aspects of life.


Hang this beautiful Ojo de Dios to attract positive energy. It can also be placed near cash registers as it helps attract customers and money. Hang it above the bed headboard to protect from nightmares. Place it in your doorways to block bad spirits and people with bad intentions. Hang it inside your car as an anti-accident and safety talisman.

When you use the Ojo de Dios,

·     You will immediately notice the energy shift.

·     It will protect you from negativity and evil while inviting positivity.

·     Its gemstone and color magic integrated in the design triples the power of the symbol.


This Ojo de Dios has been used for protection against the evil eye since ancient times, but it's currently experiencing a renaissance in popularity because of its power to protect one's home from negative energies and other dangers. It also protects against bad luck, accidents, misfortune, envy, jealousy and general ill will. The evil eye is a curse that can be cast on you by someone envious of your good fortune.  You should have one in your home or business!

The Mala Tree's OJO DE DIOS GEMSTONE SERIES is handmade by The Mala Tree and will give you the protection your spaces need especially in these times. Best of all, each design focuses on specific intentions through crystals and color magic integrated into it!

Do you need to stop negative energies from bringing misery into your life? Make The Mala Tree's OJO DE DIOS GEMSTONE SERIES a part of your space and feel and see the difference.

AND there is NO OTHER PLACE you can get these! Order your Ojo de Dios of wealth, good health, and protection today.

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