How to Measure Wrist Size for Bracelets Properly

How to Measure Wrist Size for Bracelets Properly


Whenever you decide to buy healing crystals for your intention, it is important to know your sizes when you wear them. One of the most common pieces of jewelry that have your gemstones is healing crystal bracelets. Healing crystal bracelets help you feel the positive energy from the gemstones when you wear them close to your skin. You will feel the warmth and vibrations of the energy from the stone emanating into your body. It helps you bring positivity and makes you look forward to the goals and objectives you want to achieve.


Now, suppose you have decided to go to a healing crystal shop, you would want to be ready with your size and information on the bracelets you want to buy. It usually takes time when the attendant measures how your bracelet will fit your wrist but this tutorial will help you identify your wrist size as a base point when buying your healing crystal bracelets.


Here is how to properly measure your wrist for bracelet size.


STEP 1. A tape measurement or paper strip flexible enough to measure your wrist should be used. Wrap it around your wrist, just below the wrist bone, where you usually put your bracelet on.


STEP 2: For those using a paper strip, use a pen to mark the size of your wrist then, you can use a ruler to measure the length. This is how you would know the measure of your wrist size. It is basically the circumference of your wrist when measuring it just below the wrist bone. If you got a broken size (i.e: 15.34cm, 17.2cm, etc), go one size up. 

- - - - - - - 

For bangles, close your fist and make sure your thumb is brought closer to your little finger. Simulate putting a bangle on your hand. Using a tape measure or paper strip, wrap them around your hand in the widest range possible.  Mark where your size is with a pen then measure it with a ruler. That is the circumference of your wrist for your bangle. Purchase a bangle that is the next size up from the measurement you performed.


Now, for a fitting style, add 1 1/4 or more. For a snug fit, add around ¼ to a half-inch. For a comfortable fit, ¾ to 1 inch should be added. For a loose fit, add 1 ¼ in.


It is highly recommended that you do a snug fit. Most bracelets should have a comfortable fit unless they are large cuffs or thick bangle. It is suggested that it is best to purchase large bracelets with loose fit when you don’t want to feel tightness on your wrist.


Bracelets come in different sizes and styles and they make a majestic addition to your collection of jewelry. Making sure the proper size and comfortable fit is necessary when purchasing one. The steps above listed an easy method for determining bracelet sizing and it does not take much time to do.


What are you waiting for? Identify your bracelet size now and get that healing crystals bracelet you’ve been eying for so long!