Welcome to THE MALA TREE®, the #1 crystal and dharma shop in the Philippines and

the #1 stringer of hand-knotted mala in Southeast Asia.

About The Mala Tree

The Mala Tree is the No. 1 Crystal Shop in the Philippines and the No. 1 Mala Company in Southeast Asia. We are the pioneer and premiere stringers of high-quality Japa Mala Beads with overhand knots and elegant tassels. Our online shop, www.themalatree.com, is the longest-running e-commerce website selling crystals in the Philippines. We have over 600K combined likes and follows in our social media platforms.

Our shop also hosts a variety of crystal products such as mala beads, healing crystals and gemstones, chakra bracelets, charm bracelets, Feng Shui bracelets, Tibetan Dzi bracelets, pendants, tumbled stones, generators, clusters, and geodes. We also have healing metal products and auspicious spiritual décor.

We don't just offer healing crystals and mala beads for sale, but also to get you started on the journey of crystal healing. All our products are a result of years of research and spiritually inspired creativity. We also teach you what is important when choosing a crystal or japa mala that will benefit your body according to your needs and intention.

Once customers purchase their first pieces of crystals from us, many return customers make it a point to visit our shop every time they need new ones.