About The Mala Tree

The Mala Tree is a crystal and dharma shop based in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines. We are the pioneer and premiere stringers of high-quality Japa Mala Beads with overhand knots and elegant tassels.

Our shop also hosts a variety of crystal products such as crystal bracelets, charm bracelets, Feng shui bracelets, Tibetan Dzi bracelets, pendants, tumbled stones, clusters, and geodes. We also have healing metal accessories.  

The Mala Tree is an advocacy. The owners are successful businessmen who attribute their growing businesses because of mantra meditation and Feng Shui. They would like to pay forward and continue the good karmic cycle by sharing crystal products to those who seek them. We have received immense blessings of love, good health, opportunities, and successes. Through the crystals we sell, we hope to infect you with our luck.

Love and light! :)




Our physical store, THE MALA TREE Boutique, provides a quiet space to make that instant connection between you and your crystals/dharma items. Cleansing and programming crystals requires focused attention from both you and our wellness staff and the boutique provides just that. With only mantra and kirtan music in the background, you are sure to select the crystals in peace and go through the cleansing ritual without distractions.

Visit us at the 2nd Floor of No. 189 Maginhawa Street, Sikatuna Village, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines. Aside from coffee shops and restaurants, there are spas, a cat cafe, and dessert places in our building.  Maginhawa Street is the new food and culture hub in Metro Manila.  

You may find our shop using Waze and Google Maps.  Just search for The Mala Tree and the app will take you to our shop.