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Parts of a Mala

Parts of a Mala




The traditional way of making a Mala is done with overhand knots, which not only makes it stronger but also provides the perfect space for Japa Meditation. You can use each bead as you go through your mantra and count repetitions to help yourself feel calmer in this fast-paced world we live in today


The Guru Bead is the spiritual focal point of any necklace. It's often 109th in number, and it symbolizes homage to both oneself as well as their guru from whom they've received a mantra or quote that has been used by them during meditation.


The tassel is a representation of our connection to the divine and each other. The fact that they come together as one represents oneness, which resonates deeply with us today because it reminds us how much love there really can be in this world-especially when we're feeling disconnected from those around us or ourselves for any reason 


Depending on the type of Mala (Tibetan, Zen Style, Mantra), markers are used in the construction of a mala to identify the repetitions or rounds of a mantra. It can be made from various materials such as metals or semiprecious stones.



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