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MANTRA MEDITATION: How do I Know if It Works?

MANTRA MEDITATION: How do I Know if It Works?



An effective mantra is not only easy to work with but also becomes more powerful. Ask yourself these questions to assess the mantra’s effectiveness.

- Do you find repeating the mantra effortless? Or, do you find the mantra hard to remember?

- Does the mantra help you focus? Does it turn your attention to your inward state?

- Do you feel good mentally, emotionally, and spiritually upon chanting the mantra?

- After a Japa mala bead meditation, does your mind feel calm and clear? Do you feel rejuvenated and energized as well?


If you can answer yes to most of these questions, then your mantra is working well for you. If you find that you are having difficulty with any of these points, then it may be time to choose a new mantra or reevaluate your current one. A mantra should always be something that brings you peace, happiness, and inner strength. Choose wisely and let the mantra work its magic.