Chakra Hamsa Mala

Chakra Hamsa Mala

The vital elements of the bestselling Chakra Hamsa Bracelets are now in the new Chakra Hamsa Mala Collection.



“Full protection, focused healing, for that golden feeling.”


Some years ago, after dozens of books read for research, out-of-the-country studies on Crystal and Chakra Healing, and thousands of Seven Chakra Bracelets sold in the Philippines and abroad, we have come up with a carefully thought of crystal mixture that heals and balances the Chakras - the Chakra Hamsa Bracelet Collection. For years, people have been requesting for a Mala version of these bracelets... And now, they're here.


Each mala corresponds to specific chakras and makes sure to provide the necessary chakra healing and balancing that one needs to improve health, well-being, and the good flow of prana or life force energy or Chi/Qi in Feng Shui. If a chakra is blocked or disturbed, it can lead to illness which disable other “energy bodies” in fulfilling our life goals and life missions.



The Mala Tree’s Chakra Mala Beads were made very special as they contain the Hamsa Hand charm which is an ancient amulet. In all faiths, it is a sign of full protection against negative energy, people with bad intentions, illnesses, untoward incidents, and misfortunes. It brings its owner happiness, good health, blessings, strength, and prosperity. Aside from specific healing crystals & gemstones that target the removal of blockages and disturbances in the chakras, gold-filled beads serve as separator and the eye of the Hamsa hand. Gold represents the clarity of the spiritual facet of “All That Is.” Aside from being an excellent mineral for purification of the physical body, Gold, called the “Master Healer,” provides insights that open oneself to the realm of complete understanding.


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