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Wearing a Mala

Wearing a Mala


The Mala is a unique string of beads that can be worn however you want, as long as you treat it with value and respect. It's first and foremost an instrument for meditation, but it’s also jewelry, and there are many ways to wear one.

Here we will show some tips on how to put on your Mala every day or while meditating:


Wearing a Mala During Meditation

Wearing a mala while meditating is popular among some people. It gives them the feeling of being grounded and anchored after experiencing so much energy during their meditation practice.

You can attune your energy to the mala by wearing it for 40 days. This is an excellent opportunity to break old habits and establish a daily meditation practice. Wearing the Mala as a necklace while practicing meditation can be soothing. It feels good and serves as an extension of your intention

Personal energy can get absorbed into your beads, so you will need to recharge and cleanse the beads from time to time.


Wearing a Mala as a Necklace

The most convenient and comfortable way to wear a mala is around your neck. The beads are not only an easy tool for counting mantras. The Mala can also be quite beautiful and feels natural on the neckline, giving you peace while going about your daily life. 

A high-quality Mala is made of semiprecious gemstones, crystals, and sacred seeds. Each of these materials has its own meaning and powers. Wearing a mala necklace is a good way to use the energy from these materials. Use them for your chakras and to benefit from the metaphysical properties.

You can layer and wear multiple necklaces with your Mala, especially those with healing metal symbolic pendants and crystal pendants. This will help you to work on your personal intentions while


Wearing a Mala as a Bracelet Wrap

There are two types of Mala that can be put on your wrist. One is a wrist Mala that commonly have 27 beads. A Wrist Mala is good for those who want to set an intention for themselves each day as they touch their bracelet throughout the day.

The second option for wearing a mala on the wrist is to wrap your entire 108 mala beads around your wrist a few times very evenly. Keep in mind not to wrap it too firmly as the mala may be damaged. Snugly tuck the tassel under the beads or let it dangle freely, whichever is more comfortable for you.

If you're practicing yoga, be careful to wear your mala necklace or wrap the mala around your wrist since any sort of physical activity may snag the beads and cause them to weaken or break.


Left Wrist or Right Wrist? 

A draped Mala necklace may be worn on whichever wrist is most convenient for you. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to which wrist is best. It is important not to confuse wearing a mala on one's wrist with how they are usually worn during mantra meditation.

The most important thing about wearing a mala is that you must be comfortable and in tune with your personal intentions.


Wearing a Mala is like wearing the Universe around your wrist. It should be comfortable and in tune with what you want for yourself, so that it can serve its purpose - helping lead us toward our highest good.




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