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How Gemstones Work

How Gemstones Work


Healing crystals and gemstones have been used in many cultures as talismans since the beginning of time, and there is a reason we keep hearing testimonials from thousands of people about their effectiveness.

Gemstones work because energy interacts with matter. In physics, energy refers to “the capacity of a body to perform work.” All matter has energy in it: From our own thoughts and emotions to the surrounding air to the stones and crystals. When our own energy connects with these materials, healing crystals and gemstones can provide a positive change in our lives.

Some suggest that gemstones emit low levels of energy, which may have a positive effect on the body’s electromagnetic field and overall sense of well-being. Some consider this to be similar to acupuncture in the way it balances the flow of energy through meridians and pressure points along the body. Others suggest wearing stones can help with meditation by focusing attention or calming someone’s emotional state.

The best thing about healing crystals and gemstones is the fact that they often come from nature. Just like plants and animals, we can examine minerals for medicinal purposes.

Another way that gemstones work is through memory. If you think about it, healing crystals and gemstones remember what they’ve been exposed to for hundreds and thousands of years! That means that if you use certain stones or crystals, then it may remember your energy. (Just like your phone does!) This can make for some very profound experiences during meditation or prayer—it’s like bringing pieces of history into your story!

Stones also can conduct energy from Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. By using a stone that has properties of one or more element(s) you can use their natural balance to create a solid foundation for balance within you.

Gemstones are commonly associated with healing because they are thought to affect a person’s energy. Crystals interact and connect with your body’s energy fields called the chakras. Crystals are believed to have unique healing powers because at their atomic level, they act like a battery that accumulates and stores energy. Today, people wear them for all kinds of reasons. They can be worn in jewelry or carried in pockets or purses or displayed, releasing the stored energy into the body’s chakras.


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