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SNAKE 2024

SNAKE 2024

SNAKE (1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013)


Discover the secrets to thrive this year, Snake! Focus on preserving your precious relationships, wealth, and health. With a combination of afflictive stars and neutral element luck, it’s crucial to take powerful measures. take time to meditate with your Tibetan-Style Spessartine Garnet Mala with Piyao Guru and Gold-filled Markers.

each night to boost wealth and relationship luck. The sacred mantra of Amitabha (Amitayus) Buddha is Om Ami Dewa Hrih. This powerful mantra safeguards you from any obstacles and dangers, while also empowering you to overcome all hindrances on your path to success.

The changing year brings a new set of elemental influences, potentially impacting your sign’s fundamental energy and affecting your wealth, career, health, relationships, and protection. The FIRE “Om Mani Padme Hum” Corrective Element BraceletWATER “Om Mani Padme Hum” Corrective Element Bracelet, and WOOD “Om Mani Padme Hum” Corrective Element Bracelet in 2024 in 2024 offers a valuable solution, supporting you in achieving balance and abundance by aligning with the five elements. Re-use (forever) this bracelet again in future years that necessitate a strengthening of the elements.

Unveil the path to prosperity and fulfillment, Snake. Your future awaits! To make the most out of the year and harness the good energies the Year of the Dragon brings, always consult your copy of The Mala Tree’s ABUNDANCE PLANNER 2024. Strategize major events like business openings, product launches, travel arrangements, medical procedures, etc., using this planner as your guide to financial success. Embrace your Feng Shui days as allies, and gratitude will be a natural outcome.

Boost your health luck by welcoming the Carnelian Money Tree into your Southeast corner. Defend yourself against the Robbery Star and the 3 Killings with the Violence and Burglary Protection Bracelet and the People with Bad Intentions Protection Bracelet. A Black Tourmaline Orb/Sphere placed near your home’s entrances will help drive away negative energies.

To safeguard what’s rightfully yours and make wise decisions, call upon the mighty Ganesha and wear his obstacle-breaking Sitting Ganesha with Om Background Silver Pendant. Remember, diplomacy is key to your success this year. Place a Black Obsidian Plate/Slab in the heart of your home to nurture harmonious relationships and dispel negativity. Banish negativity with an Ojo de Dios. Place it at your doorstep, by the main entrance, and in your car to ward off bad energies for the year.

If you’re a student aiming for outstanding grades or a professional seeking career triumph, wear the Hematite Bracelet. Additionally, a Citrine  Bracelet is your ultimate abundance energizer.

Enhance the harmony of 2024 by addressing its elemental imbalance, specifically the deficiency of Water. Ignite the Feng Shui Water Incense Sticks to enhance the water energy. on January 1st to heighten the presence of this vital element.

Below is a bulleted forecast for specific aspects (Wealth, Career, Relationships, and Health) of your Feng Shui sign in 2024:

Wealth: 3/5

  • Steady financial growth: Expect income primarily from your main source of income, such as your job.
  • Strong base income: Look forward to substantial salary, commissions, and bonuses.
  • Avoid risky ventures: Steer clear of side hustles and risky investments for now.
  • Garnet is a love stone, but it is also a stone that helps bring fortune. As a wealth luck booster, make sure you have a Garnet Crystal Point/Generator/Wand.

Career: 4/5

  • Promising outlook: Expect positive career shifts and exciting opportunities.
  • Embrace change and learning: Be open to new projects and continuous learning for career advancement.
  • Travel and overtime could lead to promotions: Be open to business trips and overtime as they may bring opportunities for promotion, seal this luck with an Orange Aventurine Bracelet.
  • Transformations will lead to long-term growth: Embrace changes, even if they seem unsettling initially, as they will contribute to your long-term career success.

Health: 3/5

  • Anticipate some health challenges, but the overall results will be positive.
  • Essential to adopt a personalized exercise routine and maintain a balanced diet that suits individual health requirements.
  • Participation in activities such as sports is crucial to promote both physical and mental well-being throughout the year.

Relationship: 4/5

  • Love is in the air: Expect unexpected and positive developments in your love life. Release unnecessary blockages and allow yourself to meet new people with a Snowflake Obsidian Double Terminated Pendant.
  • Singles: confessions are possible: Prepare to be surprised by confessions from someone you admire, leading to potential new relationships.
  • Stronger bonds for committed couples: Committed couples will experience increased closeness and deepen their bonds.
  • Open communication is key: Maintain open and honest communication to ensure lasting relationships.
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