WATER ELEMENT Piyao Bracelet (Silver)

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People with Lunar/Chinese Birth Years ending in 2 or 3. For people born between mid-January to mid-February, you may find an accurate Chinese/Lunar New Year Chart under the Resources section of the website.
This item is made from natural gemstone and the item you will receive may have its own nuances and inclusions. There may also be slight variations in bead sizes in a bracelet, but closest to the bead size you have chosen. Each piece is unique.
Crystal Harmony Formula:
This product is a result of 8 long years of thorough research on Feng Shui, birth charts & crystal harmony and their relationship with the 5 elements. Made of 4 healing gemstones and crystals. The Piyao is made from real silver.
Originally designed by The Mala Tree:
You will receive a list of the stones used in a description card that comes with the product.
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Product Overview


The WATER ELEMENT PIYAO BRACELET will minimize your passiveness and confusion. The healing crystals and gemstones in this bracelet will make you independently think for yourself and guide you to the right decisions. As the wise one, you will be gifted with the capacity to analyze things with deep introspection. Like water, you will flow freely and allow your surroundings and the people around you to be collaborators for the good life. This bracelet will make you more endearing to your peers and friends. It will give you the sensitivity and foresight - you all be able to master the art of analyzing people, keeping the good ones within your circle and disregarding those who do not bring you growth and joy. In times of great stress and pressure from external factors, you will be calm and will be able to make wise judgement calls.

UNBALANCED WATER PERSON: When not in your element, you may have the tendency to overthink, which may eventually lead to inaction. Wearing the WATER ELEMENT PIYAO BRACELET will create the balance you need.

The 12 Blessings of the Piyao / Pixiu:
1.) Attracts good fortune and wealth luck.
2.) Protects the house, the office or the person wearing it.
3.) Showers any space with good Feng Shui energy.
4.) Appeases the Taisui (Grand Duke Jupiter).
5.) Promotes travel luck and protection.
6.) Keeps and magnifies the wealth and get the money moving.
7.) Increases chances of receiving unexpected wealth (windfall luck).
8.) Gives its wearer a good quality life (all aspects, full circle).
9.) Instills love and harmony in your relationships.
10.) Increases one’s fame and reputation luck.
11.) It wards of evil and people with bad intentions.
12.) It fulfills its owner’s wishes and safeguards the owner’s health, too.

SILVER (The Ultimate Healing Metal) is the metal of love, mind, and emotions. When combined with healing crystals and gemstones, Silver amplifies the qualities and powers of the stones. It brings patience and perseverance. The gentle flow of energy between the jewelry and the wearer is enhanced by the connection that Silver makes to the skin.
Silver is a metal associated with the Moon and it has the power to enhance the nurturing powers of the Moon especially during New Moon or Full Moon. This metal also reflects the negativity of the wearer and disperses it to the Universe where it is neutralized. It also shields the wearer from evil intent.


WATER PERSON AT A GLANCE: “THE SAGE.” Compassionate, Sensitive, Mediators, Adaptive, Versatile, Wise.


  • Peaceful
  • Observant
  • Good mediators
  • Persistent and focused
  • Intuitive and adaptable
  • Gentle but strong


  • Self-Indulgent
  • Too passive
  • Relies heavily on others
  • Indecisive/Confused
  • Anxious