FLUORITE Slab / Plate (Freeform)

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FLUORITE (The Stone of Discernment and Aptitude / The Genius Stone / The Ultimate Multitasking Stone) is said to be highly protective and can neutralize negative vibrations. Fluorite should be placed in every room of the house. It increases concentration and helps in decision-making. It's a fantastic stone for helping to revitalize the body. It may also be utilized as a meditation stone to aid in the recharging of our body. Fluorite is a wonderful stone for calming and relaxing anxiety and tension. It gets rid of mental blocks/issues and heightens mental abilities.

Fluorite is a powerful healing stone, and can be used to enhance spiritual evolution. Fluorite has an unusual property of absorbing negative energy around it, while at the same time releasing positive energy. It does this by binding with our personal fears and worries. A stone that brings fast transformation into living more authentically! It has the ability to combat fear, self-doubt, anger, apathy or depression by removing "hot button" memories stored in one's subconscious mind. Simply holding a chunk of fluorite at any given moment will pull away old patterns of thought and replace them with new creative energies for success! Put it on your desk or table (with inset lights), wear fluorite close experimentally

Fluorite has many uses in crystal healing. It is said that Fluorite increases intuition and creativity and helps to deal with emotional upsets of all kinds. A Fluorite massager can be used on the throat, neck, chest and heart chakra for throat clearing issues such as laryngitis or inability to speak; it promotes healthy thyroid function; balances blood sugar levels including diabetes soothes headaches such as migraines alleviates digestive problems such as stomachache, ulcerative colitis, diarrhea, nausea relieves depression improves circulation helps soothe arthritis stiffness.


This item is made from natural gemstones and the item you will receive may have its own nuances and inclusions. Each piece is unique.
Each piece was cut uniquely. You will receive an item that looks different from the one on the photo.
Weight and dimensions are close approximations.
Small is approximately 200g. Medium is approximately 300g. Large is approximately 400g.