BLACK OBSIDIAN Piyao Money Ball Bracelet (Real Gold-Plated Silver)

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40.00 Grams
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Made from Real Gold-Plated Silver. You benefit from the healing properties of gold and silver.
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Product Overview

The Piyao (The Fortune Beast) is a very powerful Feng Shui symbol. According to myth, during the Jade Emperor’s birthday in Heaven, the Piyao (or Pixiu) ate all the gold and silver inside the palace. The Jade Emperor punished the Piyao by restricting the Piyao’s diet to GOLD and by preventing it to expel the gold he has eaten, too. Since then, this mythical creature has been a symbol of wealth acquisition and preservation. The Piyao is the youngest (9th) son of the Dragon King and with its large fangs can attack evil spirits and demons. He drains their spirit essence and converts it to wealth. As winged lion, its courageous stance and fierce expression wards off evil spirits and protects its owner from accidents and dangers. An obedient and loving companion, he is a favorite amongst traditional Feng Shui practitioners.


The 12 Blessings of the Piyao / Pixiu:
1.) Attracts good fortune and wealth luck.
2.) Protects the house, the office or the person wearing it.
3.) Showers any space with good Feng Shui energy.
4.) Appeases the Taisui (Grand Duke Jupiter).
5.) Promotes travel luck and protection.
6.) Keeps and magnifies the wealth and get the money moving.
7.) Increases chances of receiving unexpected wealth (windfall luck).
8.) Gives its wearer a good quality life (all aspects, full circle).
9.) Instills love and harmony in your relationships.
10.) Increases one’s fame and reputation luck.
11.) It wards of evil and people with bad intentions.
12.) It fulfills its owner’s wishes and safeguards the owner’s health, too.


Money Ball is a very potent symbol of wealth and prosperity. The combination of the two money balls in this bracelet will doubles your money luck and attracts physical wealth really fast.

SILVER (The Ultimate Healing Metal) is the metal of love, mind, and emotions. When combined with healing crystals and gemstones, Silver amplifies the qualities and powers of the stones. It brings patience and perseverance. The gentle flow of energy between the jewelry and the wearer is enhanced by the connection that Silver makes to the skin.
Silver is a metal associated with the Moon and it has the power to enhance the nurturing powers of the Moon especially during New Moon or Full Moon. This metal also reflects the negativity of the wearer and disperses it to the Universe where it is neutralized. It also shields the wearer from evil intent.

GOLD (The Metal of Overflowing Abundance) represents the clarity of the spiritual facet of “All That Is.” Aside from being an excellent mineral for purification of the physical body. Gold, called the “Master Healer,” provides insights that open oneself to the realm of complete understanding. It also represents wealth.

BLACK OBSIDIAN (The Stone of Truth) helps to protect the very sensitive against depression. It is the stone of the soft hearted and gentle people of the world. Use obsidian to help block negativity of any kind. As a black gemstone, it symbolizes self-control and resilience. Black stones have protective energies in the sense that black is the absence of light, and therefore, can be used to create invisibility. Black obsidian has the aura of absolute mystery. Its energy draws you in softly, but very deeply, which makes the presence of black obsidian powerful in many ways.