OJO DE DIOS of Wish Fulfillment

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30.00 Grams
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100% Handmade:
All our Ojo de Dios items are handmade by The Mala Tree and may contain slight imperfections which does not affect the metaphysical properties.
100% Natural Gemstones:
This product contains a bead made from authentic natural gemstones and may contain inclusions, impurities (rock materials), "imperfections," natural cracks, and markings as part of Mother Nature's work of art.
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Product Overview

The Ojo de Dios of Wish Fulfillment radiates positivity and hope and attracts energies that boost wish fulfillment. Crafted with the golden hues of Yellow Calcite, this piece brings an optimistic energy to any space.

Yellow is the color of intellect and confidence, promoting mental clarity and boosting self-esteem. Paired with the warm and vibrant tone of golden orange, the Ojo de Dios of Wish Fulfillment inspires encourages personal growth and has wish-granting properties.

Yellow Calcite is known for its powerful manifestation properties, making it an ideal stone for wish fulfillment. It helps manifest abundance and prosperity, while also providing a sense of grounding and stability.

The intricate weaving of the Ojo de Dios symbolizes the interconnectedness of all things, reminding us that our wishes are only limited by our imagination. Placing the Ojo de Dios of Wish Fulfillment in your home or office will bring a sense of positivity, joy, and abundance to your life.

Let the Ojo de Dios of Wish Fulfillment be a daily reminder to stay optimistic and trust in the abundance of the universe. With the power of Yellow Calcite, the possibilities for wish fulfillment are endless.



The Mala Tree’s OJO DE DIOS GEMSTONE SERIES is an original design that incorporates the centuries-old Mexican tradition of hanging Ojo de Dios to bring happiness, prosperity, protection, and good health into any space at home, workplace, your place of business, or even your car. This original design by The Mala Tree is a powerful good-luck charm against evil and harmful spirits that will help ensure success in the different aspects of life.