FYNCHENITE Crystal Point / Generator / Wand

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80.00 Grams
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This item is made from natural gemstones and the item you will receive may have its own nuances and inclusions. Each piece is unique.
Each piece was cut uniquely. You will receive an item that looks different from the one on the photo.
Height Range:
3 to 4 inches
Actual Weight:
80 to 90 grams
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Product Overview

FYNCHENITE (The Stone of Compassion and Character) has a calming energy that can be soothing for people who are already negatively charged. Bringing this mineral into one's home can increase the positive energy that flows through it while also raising its vibration. It is an incredible healing stone, providing support for any kind of traumatic event. This crystal's energy promotes balance, harmony, and peace within the body. Fynchenite is an excellent stone for releasing emotional stress, supporting your soul's journey.
It clears the aura of negative energy that might also be affecting one's relationships with others in daily life. This makes it a wonderful stone for healers who work on other people as well as themselves using different modalities including Reiki, acupuncture, massage therapy or traditional Chinese medicine.
Fynchenite is can be used to amplify feelings of compassion, understanding, empathy, and love. This stone has a resonance that gently connects us to our true selves, allowing us to understand how we really feel and why. It is beneficial for those that are on the path of finding their life's purpose (and can help with feelings of self-doubt associated with this). Offering protection against negativity and balancing one's yin-yang energies, Fynchenite encourages us to let go of anger, fear, and resentment.