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40.00 Grams
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Around 40 grams
Around 1.5 to 2 inches
This product came from a piece of authentic natural gemstone and may contain inclusions, impurities (rock materials), "imperfections," natural cracks, and markings as part of Mother Nature's work of art.
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Product Overview

STRAWBERRY QUARTZ (The Stone of Inner Love) is rare and unique. It brings an energy that gives a powerful sense of vitality and balance. It provides a comforting sense of Universal Love and helps engage the heart's energy center. Strawberry Quartz helps one feel loved and appreciate the true loving environment. It also takes you on a journey to the center of the universe of life. It offers an avenue to the source of wisdom and knowledge which can help bring out significant data about people’s preferences. While very powerful, Strawberry Quartz possesses gentle vibrations. 

It helps to soothe emotions, ease anxiety and promote a positive outlook. It also helps with focus and concentration. This stone can enhance one’s ability to see the beauty in all things and people. It is also said to be helpful in attracting love and keeping existing love strong. Strawberry Quartz is known as a stone of reconciliation because it can help to heal old wounds and ease the pain of heartache. It is also said to be helpful in attracting new friends and maintaining existing friendships.

This stone has a very calming energy that can help to ease stress and tension. It can also help to promote feelings of peace, joy, and happiness. Strawberry Quartz is known as a stone of the heart and is said to help open up the heart chakra. It can also help to cleanse and purify emotions.

Strawberry Quartz is a powerful stone that can help to amplify intentions of love, joy, appreciation, and gratitude. It can also help to raise one’s vibration and attune one to the energies of the higher chakras.