ZEBRA JAPER Classic 108 Japa Mala

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50.00 Grams
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ZEBRA JASPER (The Stone of Optimism and Success / The Yin Yang Stone /  The Anti-Apathy Stone) is a very good calming and grounding soon. It encourages one to feel and to care about oneself and the things that matter. It helps to direct scattered energy into a particular intention. It is a helpful stone to keep during difficult situations, and showers one with a huge amount of optimism to tackle problems and responsibilities. It can ward off negative energies, turns ideas into action. It also promotes quick thinking and abilities. As a healing stone, it is a good companion for prolonged sickness. This stone also prolongs sexual pleasure. When life stresses you out, this stone comes to the rescue and lets you gain the necessary initiative to do what is necessary.  Zebra Jasper is also a good motivator and can make one energetic.  It lifts the mood and it wards off negative energy and has the energy to make one feel safe.  Physically, this stone helps with the bladder, teeth, and bones.  Healers use it to alleviate muscle spasms.