Seven Chakra Symbols Round Selenite Plate

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Due to the natural variations in Selenite, each plate is unique in its design and may slightly differ from the images shown. Embrace the individuality of your crystal!
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Product Overview

The Seven Chakra Symbols Round Selenite Plate is a unique and powerful tool for anyone looking to enhance their spiritual well-being. Each plate features the symbols of the seven chakras, which are key energy centers in the body. The chakras are associated with different emotions, behaviors, and physical functions, and balancing them is said to lead to greater health and happiness.

The plate itself is made of selenite, a crystal with powerful metaphysical properties. Selenite is said to have a high vibration that can help clear negative energy from the body and promote a sense of calm and peace. It is also associated with the crown chakra, which is associated with enlightenment and spiritual connection.

When the chakra symbols and selenite are combined, they create a potent tool for meditation, energy healing, and spiritual growth. Simply placing the plate in a room can create a positive energy field that promotes balance and harmony. Meditating with the plate can help you focus your intention and connect with your higher self.

Overall, the Seven Chakra Symbols Round Selenite Plate is an exceptional item for anyone looking to bolster their spiritual journey. It's a fascinating and beautiful piece that can enhance your meditation practice, energy healing, and overall wellbeing.