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"Seven Chakra Healing Bracelets by The Mala Tree"

In the human body, the Indian and Eastern cultures believe that there are seven energy centers referred to as the “chakras.” The seven chakras — crown, brow, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and base —should have no blockages and disturbances in them for our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual self to be aligned to our purpose and aspirations.

The Mala Tree ( has spent five years researching about the perfect set of stones to create the most applicable crystal concoction for each bracelet set. Aside from the complimenting healing energies of the stones, the wearer also benefits from having increased consciousness in finding balance within his or her body and the harmony he or she creates with the Universe surrounding that body. These chakra bracelets are also used to promote healing, vitality, and increased life force energy, making it one of the most recommended accessories by today’s alternative medicine and crystal healers. Aside from its healing powers, these chakra bracelets are beautiful adornments and accessories both for men and women. It is important to point out that not all rainbow-colored bracelets are seven chakra bracelets. The Seven Chakra Healing Bracelets are specially designed for chakra alignment, healing, and general well-being and NOT to be considered as an “all-in-one” lucky charm bracelet.

Every bead strung into each chakra bracelet can serve as a “worry bead” that one can manipulate to relieve stress or anxiety. This habitual manipulation of the beads is a dance between the physical and emotional self towards change and renewal. This is one of the meditative features of Seven Chakra Healing Bracelets.

The Mala Tree has included real gold-filled bead markers to honor the preciousness and importance of the seven chosen stones. We also designed it this way so that those who will use the bracelet as a meditation tool will know when to start and end the “First Seven” in meditation or mantra chanting during busy days. The inclusion of gold in The Mala Tree’s Seven Chakra Bracelets is not only for aesthetic purposes but also represents the clarity of the spiritual facet of “All That Is.” Aside from being an excellent mineral for purification of the physical body, Gold, called the “Master Healer,” provides insights that open oneself to the realm of complete understanding.

Using The Mala Tree’s Seven Chakra Healing Bracelet as an accessory alone can give many benefits in improving one’s life by giving positive change and holistic healing. By coming in contact with your skin, it becomes part of your wholeness and your body will work with the powers of the gemstones and crystals to provide you with multi-faceted healing and renewal. The gemstones also absorb negativity, both inward and outward, returns it to the Universe as neutral energy thereby only allowing positive energy to circulate in the body. This energy emanating from each of the crystal rebalances the chakras.

We, at The Mala Tree, hope that this information on Seven Chakra Bracelets have been helpful in imparting the significance of this accessory and the crystals to your chakras. All our Seven Chakra Bracelets and other crystal products are cleansed using ancient cleansing methods to ensure that the products have been metaphysically reset to welcome the intended healing application of the wearer. Each Seven Chakra Healing Bracelet by The Mala Tree has been imbued with positive energy to maximize its healing capability. Enjoy it, heal with it, and may you attain your life purpose as you bathe with the different colors of life and the Universe.

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