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Hand-knotted by The Mala Tree. Brass Piyao is also handcrafted.
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Product Overview

SAKURA AGATE / CHERRY BLOSSOM AGATE (The Blooming Stone) is a recently discovered stone from Madagascar. The semi-translucent pink stone that seems to have floating Sakura petals inside each bead is believed to be a bearer of joy while it assists one to find his or her purpose. Its soft yet powerful energy sends off assistance to those who want to be more creative and have a steady flow of ideas. Its loving vibrations is also perfect for those who have deep-seated traumas as it allows its wearer to move on with life with a renewed energy and a better understanding of pain and how to manage it. In times of crisis, hold this powerful support stone and experience a warm embrace from its energy. As a love stone, it helps one to find, keep, and maintain relationships. Those who have kept this stone also experience a “blooming” effect as the positive energy flowed in and out of their auras, thus giving a more youthful glow. 

Sakura Agate opens up communication to a higher self, and can guide one through karmic lessons in life. It fosters a connection with the divine by allowing for communication between the physical and etheric bodies. This communication is critical to healing, especially when doing so on a spiritual level. Sakura Agate is also used for finding grounding in universal love instead of fear. In fact, it's said that if one finds themselves feeling anxious or fearful from time-to-time, placing a piece of Sakura Agate near you will keep you from being shaken from your center. 

Sakura Agate possesses metaphysical properties that can give you clarity and confidence. Those who feel shy, timid, or lack courage will find relief in this stone.

Sakura Agate is also said to be the perfect stone to use if healing from a broken heart is necessary. The support of a friend may not always be enough for this kind of emotional injury, and a stone like Sakura can provide a level of reassurance that typically cannot be found among friends and family without the help of an outside object.

The 12 Blessings of the Piyao / Pixiu:
1.) Attracts good fortune and wealth luck.
2.) Protects the house, the office or the person wearing it.
3.) Showers any space with good Feng Shui energy.
4.) Appeases the Taisui (Grand Duke Jupiter).
5.) Promotes travel luck and protection.
6.) Keeps and magnifies the wealth and get the money moving.
7.) Increases chances of receiving unexpected wealth (windfall luck).
8.) Gives its wearer a good quality life (all aspects, full circle).
9.) Instills love and harmony in your relationships.
10.) Increases one’s fame and reputation luck.
11.) It wards of evil and people with bad intentions.
12.) It fulfills its owner’s wishes and safeguards the owner’s health, too.

THE METAPHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF BRASS.  BRASS brings out the natural good and inner truth.  It is believed to promote skin rejuvenation.  It clears away old debris and allow the wearer to get down to the pure and natural truth.  Since brass is composed of copper and zinc, brass boosts the immune system and promotes strength and courage.  Repeated wearing of brass jewelry enables the jewelry to take on the owner's body chemistry and eventually reveal one's personal energy signature.  Brass is associated with gold although it has a different energy attribute.  Wear Brass for HEALING, MONEY, AND PROTECTION.  Wear it together with wealth-enhancing crystals to maximize its "abundance magnet" properties.  Brass, when inscribed with symbols, creates a shield of protection.  Many believe that brass's defensive characteristics enable it to send the negative energy back to its sender.  The healing properties of brass helps in healing and balancing the chakras.