BLUE AGATE Classic 108 Japa Mala

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50.00 Grams
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BLUE AGATE (The Stone of Zest) assists people in reaching higher spiritual spaces and inner attunement. It aids in calming to the mind and helps sooth emotions and encourages communication, patience, and kindness. Blue Agate is associated with the Throat Chakra Points and provides help on many levels of communication. Many people use Blue Agate because of the surge of energy it can bring, the stimulation of the mind, body and spirit and how it helps lift the mood. Blue Agate is a stone that can be kept with those who have 'fainting episodes' to help ease them off. This is a stone that will help regulate the water level in the body and have a positive effect on water retention problems, as well being beneficial to lung and heart function. Electric Blue Agate works extremely well with the Energy center, and especially helps its keeper to speak with confidence and a sense of freedom. It is a stone that also encourages its keeper to take on a more positive attitude, helping to bring a more courageous, self-motivating and hopeful personality.