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Ox-born person who wants a fast-acting personal Feng Shui cure and luck enhancer.
The Mala Tree Feng Shui cleansed and programmed Jade / Onyx / Moss Agate / Onyx / Aquamarine / Black Agate Dzi Bead. Original design by The Mala Tree.
This item is made from natural gemstones and the item you will receive may have its own nuances and inclusions. There may also be slight variations in bead sizes in a bracelet, but closest to the bead size you have chosen. Each piece is unique.
This product is a result of years of thorough research on Feng Shui, birth charts, and crystal harmony and their relationship with the animal signs.
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Product Overview

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This bracelet is strung to keep you grounded to help you keep going when times go bad and when work seems to flood you. Wealth and health are also secured as the Ox Victory Bracelet comes with abundance-bearing energies to ensure that all the hard work you give is rewarded. According to Tibetan culture, the 3-eyed Dzi brings in the blessings of the three stars of luck: Happiness, Longevity, and Honor. It balances out the body while providing you with good fortune luck. This is the Dzi of good heath and wealth.

One of the most patient, meek, and conservative animals in the Chinese zodiac, the Ox-born person has the tendency to keep going in times of hardships. Their persistence can lead to closed-mindedness and it can stagnate them and stick to old unhealthy methods. Keep your good vibes and energies flowing and keep moving and flourishing. Wear this Victory Bracelet, because you deserve more, it not all.