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*ON-HAND / 1 PIECE* Tibetan-Style ROSE QUARTZ Mala with Garnet Markers and Onyx Guru Bead

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Product Overview

Transform Your Spiritual Practice with the Tibetan-Style ROSE QUARTZ Mala with Garnet Markers and Onyx Guru Bead

Elevate your meditation and spiritual journey with our meticulously crafted Tibetan-Style ROSE QUARTZ Mala. This exquisite piece is not just a tool, but a companion designed to enhance your mindfulness and inner peace.

Key Features:

  • Premium Rose Quartz Beads: Known as the stone of unconditional love, each rose quartz bead is hand-selected for its soothing pink hue and energetic properties. Feel the gentle vibrations of love and compassion with every touch.

  • Garnet Markers: Strategically placed garnet markers serve as powerful anchors, helping you maintain focus and intention during your practice. Garnet is renowned for its grounding and revitalizing energy, ensuring you stay centered and energized.

  • Onyx Guru Bead: The striking onyx guru bead is the heart of this mala, symbolizing strength and protection. Onyx is a powerful stone that absorbs and transforms negative energy, providing you with a shield of resilience and clarity.


  • Enhanced Meditation: The combination of rose quartz, garnet, and onyx creates a harmonious energy flow, deepening your meditation and helping you achieve a state of tranquility and focus.

  • Emotional Healing: Rose quartz promotes emotional healing and self-love, while garnet and onyx provide grounding and protection, making this mala a powerful ally in your journey towards emotional balance and well-being.

  • Versatile Use: Whether you use it for counting mantras, as a meditation aid, or as a beautiful piece of jewelry, this mala adapts to your needs, enhancing your spiritual practice and daily life.

  • Perfect Gift: This mala makes a thoughtful and meaningful gift for anyone seeking to deepen their spiritual practice or simply enjoy the beauty and energy of these powerful stones.

Why Choose Our Tibetan-Style ROSE QUARTZ Mala?

Our mala is more than just a string of beads; it is a carefully crafted tool designed to support your spiritual growth and emotional well-being. Each gemstine is chosen for its energetic properties, ensuring you receive the maximum benefit from your practice. With its authentic design and powerful combination of stones, this mala is a testament to the timeless wisdom of Tibetan spirituality.

Transform your practice and embrace the journey of self-discovery with our Tibetan-Style ROSE QUARTZ Mala with Garnet Markers and Onyx Guru Bead. Order yours today and experience the profound benefits of this exceptional spiritual tool.