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Metal alloy spacers.
We are selling authentic natural gemstones. The item you will receive may appear differently from the one on the picture.
As in all our products, this piece will undergo The Mala Tree's signature energy cleansing process and will be imbued with positive energy to make this product a potent and powerful charm.
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ALMANDINE GARNET (The Stone of Passion and Devotion) is the stone of a successful career and business. It cures depression, increases popularity and boosts self-esteem when worn. It also protects one during travel. Garnets bring constancy to friendships. This stone gives security and spiritual awareness. As a love stone, it also increases passion and brings back one's beauty and allure after recovering from heartache. Giving Garnet to someone is a promise to see each other again even in the several lifetimes ahead.
CARNELIAN (The Stone of Energy and Action) is a health and career stone, and one of the first stones that had been popularly used for meditation. It protects against negative energies and emotions such as anger, fear, jealousy, and resentment. It improves mood and helps deal with sorrow and depression. It encourages love and friendship. It brings serenity and peace to a troubled soul as it helps heal trauma and emotional wounds. It can assist one in finding the right love. It helps in the manifestation of one's desires, and brings good luck.
This deep orange-red gemstone has a protective energy that revitalizes the spirit and restores the soul. Carnelian can become very helpful as it aids in grounding awareness to make better decisions which will result in less regretful feelings. Carnelian is a versatile crystal, and has been used not only as a stone for self-healing but also as an aid in holistic healing. It is one of the most adaptable stones you can find. It will often adapt or morph to your specific needs and intentions if it's given the chance; making changes to shape, size color and clarity to better suit its own unique properties to your needs.
Carnelian heightens the ability to realize what is important in life. It provides for an abundance of physical energy, improves healing, and helps you get to know yourself better. It is a very protective and grounding stone, excellent for calming out of control emotions. It also provides support when there are difficult choices to make in life. It can expel negative energy from the body, while balancing the emotional body with a sense of peace and calmness. Carnelian was used in ancient times to activate one's inner fire, or passion within oneself.