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YELLOW SELENITE (The Stone of Spiritual Activation and Mental Clarity) is a powerful healing crystal renowned for its ability to  balance and bring clarity to our lives. This mineral has been used since ancient times for its positive effects on physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. It helps us become aware of the bigger picture in life and guides us towards the paths that will make us truly happy.

Its primary applications are in aiding mental clarity, helping you to open up to joy and enthusiasm for life, as well as manifesting wealth and abundance into your life. Additionally, it can enhance spiritual awareness by helping one access higher vibrations. Yellow Selenite also provides protection from negative energies. 

As a transformative stone of purification and peace, Yellow Selenite clears away stuck energy from past traumas or experiences that are no longer useful in our lives. By doing this it helps create an open space where new ideas can emerge with more understanding than before. It also encourages flexibility; both mind and body so we can adjust ourselves easily according to surrounding people or situations. 

It's most commonly used for its calming and centering energy—it helps to instill feelings of peace and inner tranquility. Additionally, it can enhance psychic awareness and help to access higher realms of consciousness.


In the realm of physical healing, Yellow Selenite is said to be beneficial for clearing the chakras and aligning subtle bodies. This can inturn lead to improved health on all levels—mental, emotional and physical.