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TOURMALINATED QUARTZ (The Stone of Good Fortune) is a super lucky stone that combines the good fortune of quartz and tourmaline, so the luck energies in this stone is very very strong. It's great for people who are starting new ventures or working on big projects as it will give you a big boost of luck and good fortune.

It helps to cleanse and purify the aura and can be used to dispel negative energy and dissipate anger or frustration. Tourmalinated Quartz also aids in the release of fears and blocks, stimulates creativity, and enhances self-confidence. As a stone of transformation, it encourages growth and change, both within oneself and in one's relationships.

It is said to be able to ground and protect the user, as well as increase psychic ability and spiritual awareness. Some people also believe that it can help with issues such as addiction, stress, and depression.

Tourmalinated quartz is also excellent for protection against negative energy and psychic attacks, so it's a great stone to keep with you if you're feeling under assault from negativity. Wear it when you travel as it's a great stone for warding off bad vibes and keeping you feeling safe and protected.