The Ultimate Hungry Ghost Month Protection Bracelet

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Do you fear the Hungry Ghost Month?




Feng Shui professionals all over the world say that during this period, wandering spirits roam the earth and bring danger with them. This 2023, the Hungry Ghost Month will start on August 16 and end in September 14, 2023 


To protect yourself against possible misfortunes, the number one crystal shop in the Philippines, The Mala Tree, has created a one-of-a-kind powerful shield against hungry ghosts: The Ultimate Ghost Month Protection Bracelet.


This special piece of jewelry is infused with divine energy and includes Black Jade, 5 other potent stones, the Om Mani Padme Hum mantra, and the Evil Eye symbol to shield against negative energies while also showering you with luck and abundance.


Step up your protection and blessings now with The Mala Tree’s Ultimate Ghost Month Protection Bracelet – designed to lead you toward a month full of abundance and safety.





Introducing The Mala Tree's Ultimate Ghost Month Protection Bracelet, a powerful guardian and protector for this sacred time: The Hungry Ghost Month which Feng Shui experts all over the world warn everybody about. 

This unique bracelet combines six potent stones and two powerful symbols that not only shield the wearer from negative energies but also draw in much-needed luck during the Hungry Ghost Month, when the veil between realms becomes thin, and wandering spirits may roam the earth.

The Mala Tree has meticulously crafted this bracelet, infusing it with divine energy by adding an essential mantra bead and the evil eye bead.

The mantra bead holds sacred syllables that call upon divine assistance and boundless compassion from the deities of Tibetan Feng Shui.

With the combination of protective stones and the profound energy of the mantra bead, The Mala Tree's Ultimate Ghost Month Protection Bracelet stands as a guardian and beacon of positive energy. Embrace this powerful tool, and let its presence empower you to navigate through Ghost Month with strength, tranquility, and divine blessings, leading you toward a harmonious and enriching journey during the hungry ghost month.

Indulge in the beauty and protection of this meticulously crafted bracelet, designed by a team of crystal experts, Feng Shui consultants, and skilled jewelry designers. Rest assured that while adorned with this exquisite piece, not only will you look good, but you will also be embraced by the powerful energies of the stones and the mantra.

What's even more delightful is that this bracelet can continue to grace your wrist long after Ghost Month is over. Its timeless appeal and potent energies make it a versatile accessory for any occasion.

Experience the authenticity, care, and ethical sourcing behind this creation, ensuring that each stone is properly cleansed and charged to radiate its full potential. Elevate your style and well-being with this exceptional bracelet, available at Embrace both beauty and protection with this exquisite piece, as you embark on a journey of balance, harmony, and positive energies, not just for the Ghost Month, but for all time.

We used different bead sizes in this design. The main stone is approximately 10mm while the other stones are approximately 8mm. 6mm separator gemstone beads are also present. Other beads: evil eye bead and the mantra bead.
Protection Formula:
Each bracelet is made with Black Jade and 5 other semi-precious gemstone beads (plus the evil eye bead and the mantra bead).
This item is made from natural gemstones and the item you will receive may have its own nuances and inclusions. There may also be slight variations in bead sizes in a bracelet, but closest to the bead size you have chosen. Each piece is unique.
Originally designed by The Mala Tree:
You will receive a list of the stones used in a description card that comes with the product.