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Snake-born person who wants a fast-acting personal Feng Shui cure and luck enhancer.
The Mala Tree Feng Shui cleansed and programmed Jade / Fancy Jasper / Picture Jasper / Bloodstone / Black Agate Dzi Bead. Original design by The Mala Tree.
This item is made from natural gemstones and the item you will receive may have its own nuances and inclusions. There may also be slight variations in bead sizes in a bracelet, but closest to the bead size you have chosen. Each piece is unique.
This product is a result of of long years of thorough research on Feng Shui, birth charts, and crystal harmony and their relationship with the animal signs.
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Product Overview

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Wearing the Snake Victory Bracelet will protect the Snake from all negative energies as they need to work on their goals without obstructions and distractions. The gemstones in this bracelet will boost the Snake’s capacity to strategize and will set the heart to unlocking the fortune’s vault to secure the future. It will teach the Snake not to yield to challenges and help keep the spirits high. This bracelet especially takes care of the Snake’s heart because a healthy, strong and warm heart sends off positive vibes, and he will always receive what we send out to the universe. According to Tibetan culture, the 3-eyed Dzi brings in the blessings of the three stars of luck: Happiness, Longevity, and Honor. It balances out the body while providing you with good fortune luck. This is the Dzi of good heath and wealth.

The most generous and gregarious of all the animal signs in the Chinese Zodiac, the charming Snakes will remember all the things you have done for them and will always reciprocate with whenever they can. However, their capacity to remember is not only limited to the good deeds shown unto them as they always take note of the bad ones thrown at them. The Victory Bracelet will allow the Snake to heal fast and replace the anger with focus, positivity, and drive to achieve and emerge.