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Product Overview

SHUNGITE (The Stone of Rejuvenation / The Miracle Stone) is a very very rare and powerful stone, almost 2 billion years in age. Nothing excels in comparison when it comes to Shungite’s healing power that’s why it is labeled as a “Miracle Stone.” Shungite is a must-have stone that cleanses, charges, protects, cures, promotes recovery, stabilizes, heals, and stimulates growth. It is also known to purify the water of almost all organic compounds.

Shungite is an intact mineral fossil, which makes it one of the oldest minerals on Earth. It is widely called “the stone that whispers” because it has special resonant properties that make people feel close to nature. Some of the auspicious spiritual messages Shungite shares come in small pointed pieces. Those messages help you deeply remember your connection with Mother Nature, like how she gives life.

Described as the "Stone of Life", Shungite is said to be a powerful healer during times of emotional or spiritual crisis, especially when one is feeling depressed, mentally blocked, anxious, or unable to make decisions. A good stone for meditation, it will help retain clarity during contemplative exercise and promotes inner peace by removing negative energy from the aura.

Shungite attracts an abundance of all forms including money; happiness - both inner and outer; love; health; travel- both distant (immaterial) and literal (tangible); and spiritual growth. It is said to be a stone of power, as it can also enhance one's psychic abilities and help one become strong in the face of adversity by drawing upon their deepest potentials for strength and courage.

It's believed that Shungite cleanses and strengthens the aura, enhances meditation and psychic/spiritual development while protecting against radiation and computer stress. Benefits include: purifies water of almost all organic compounds; reduces blood pressure; stimulates entire glandular system, especially pancreas; boosts the immune system by increasing the number of white blood cells; clears the body of toxins and enhances metabolism.

Shungite is able to absorb and neutralize electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from computers, microwave ovens, TVs, cell phones, and other devices.