ROOSTER in 2021

ROOSTER in 2021



Wealth: 4/5
Health: 4/5
Career: 5/5
Love: 4/5

TIP: Wear and install your Fengshui cures and enhancers on or before February 26, 2021 - 11:59 PM.

2020 was a record low for you as your energy levels were low. This year, there is no stopping you as your energy will be high. This is a good opportunity for you to bounce back as 2021 is also a lucky year for you - your are one of the luckiest in fact. Your sign hosts the Wealth Star this year, this means your money luck is on a roll. There are a lot of great opportunities for you, some Amy seem to be out of reach, but luck is on your side so nothing will ever e impossible for you this year. The General Star is present too in your sign, signifying leadership luck, so those who are handling businesses and companies will enjoy loyalty from employees and team accomplishments will be abundant. Love and romance will also be strong for the Rooster-born. Relationships in all aspects will be good so work your charisma and win people. Open your doors to socializations and do not be afraid to establish new networks. New people and friends will be beneficial. Discard people who have not been good to you and who have scarred you emotionally. Mean as it may be, you must need to guard your heart and your mental health.

Boost your luck and subdue the negative energies in 2021 by wearing and using our crystal recommendations, and by following the suggestions of The Mala Tree’s Abundance Planner 2021.

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