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TIGER in 2020

TIGER in 2020

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The Victory Star shines brightest for the Tiger this year. Very big success luck is coming. Tiger-born individuals will have greater prospects as long as they have the determination and will to pursue greater heights this year. Tigers should cultivate their good fortune by using boosters to enhance their charisma and leadership skills. Health is also good.

New opportunities will be there so it’s time to create a new path and stop going with the flow. Full of passion, romance and expression of love - that’s 2020 for you. Time to grow up this year and analyze what failed relationships are all about and take steps for those not to happen again. Your efforts in the past will be rewarded this year. A promotion is set for you to take or probably an offer outside your company. No major financial problems this year. You will spend more for others and it will complete you. A lot of energy this year can cause injury and impulsiveness. Still, a little change won’t hurt and it might be the change you need right now.


Enjoy the benefits of good fortune luck by making sure that your main and helpful crystals are within your auric field.

The Victory Bracelet of your animal sign can be used this year and the following years as they contain all the powerful gemstones that your animal sign needs. Special attention must be given to your birth year’s element as well as it affects your luck as well. Wear the Element Bracelet for your birth year to receive the protection and blessings of the Piyao and the gemstones. 2020 is a metal year and the metal Piyao blends well with the element of the year. Use the recommended main stones to manifest your intentions. The helpful stones will provide the luck boost and guide you through your low months.

Hang the Wind Horse prayer flag to boost wealth and opportunity luck. Place wealth tumbled stones on your living room, work desk, and inside your purse. Aventurine Money Tree should be inside your living room to activate Wealth Luck. Place a Rose Quartz Money Tree in your work desk or office to boost charisma and to win people over.

Balance your Solar Plexus Chakra as it is the center of will power. It is advised to use your mala and chant the “Head of the Lotus” Mantra of Amitabha (OM AMI DEWA HRIH). Write your affirmation on areas that you will always see to remind you that you will receive the blessings through handwork.