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SNAKE in 2020

SNAKE in 2020

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People with good intentions, concern, and mentors who are willing to assist you in all endeavours will be plenty this year. Work with people under the Dragon sign and you will be gifted with Big Auspicious luck. However, you need to watch your investments and wealth as the robbery star will visit your sign this year. Take precaution and wear protective crystals and symbols. You will also have good windfall luck (unexpected wealth).

Things will be a lot easier for you this year. In love, there will be a lot of changes in perspective. You will be very emotional and it’s time for your partner to get in touch with that side of yours. For singles, be with someone who can understand you. You will spread yourself in different tasks and roles this year, in terms of your career. Improvements will happen as new opportunities for advancement come along. However, you need to exhibit that you are a team player. Clean up your budget this year. Do things essential to your health and career while you have energy as you tend to be tired most of the time this year.



Turn your Big Auspicious luck into gold by wearing healing crystals and by making them a part of your daily living.

Your sign’s Victory Bracelet is strung with every crystal that your animal sign needs not only this year but in the years to come. Make sure to use the Element Bracelet as the Piyao is a very auspicious symbol, and it is made of metal which pairs well with the year’s governing element. Use the recommended main stones to manifest your intentions. The helpful stones will provide the luck boost and guide you through your low months.

Place Pyrite tumbled stone near your door and all your windows. Wear Elephant and Rhino Brass bangle. Extra Prosperity Tip: Place (an additional) any of these Money Trees on the northwest decor of your house to increase wealth this year: Clear Quartz, Aventurine, Citrine, Multi-Gem Stone.

It is important to showcase a Citrine or Aventurine Orb in your work area or living room.

Always remember that the year will bless you with good things if you keep your emotional aspect balanced. Your Heart Chakra must be aligned. A good practice is to always state your recommended affirmation when you wake up in the morning and before you sleep. The more your heart reverberates love, the more you will attract good energy. Use your mala necklace to chant the suggested “Heart Mantra” (OM MANI VAJRA HUM).