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SHEEP in 2020

SHEEP in 2020

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This is the year for you to set higher goals as element luck will bring you all the assistance you will need to achieve a greater status in life. Your hard work will bring immediate results. Your love life will also blossom further this year. This is a good year for you.

Your charm will be at its peak this year, so if single, this is the time to find someone who compliments you. For those in relationships, you can ignite the flame once again through your charm and passion. Work well with your colleagues and superiors and they can help you move up. Your career will flow with ease this year. You will be very lucky in your finances that you can even have enough money for travel or recreation, or smooth cash flow that will pay your debts and bills.


Bathe yourself with life’s best gifts and shower yourself with love and approval of people around you by keeping your recommended main gemstones and helpful stones close to you.

By using your sign’s Victory Bracelet, you reap the benefits of all the positivity that the gemstones for your sign emits and it can be used for a long time. Now wearing the Element Bracelet opens you to the material and immaterial blessings of the Piyao and the gemstones as well. It is good to wear them in 2020 because metal is the element of the year. Use the recommended main stones to manifest your intentions. The helpful stones will provide the luck boost and guide you through your low months. Place the Clear Quartz Orb in your living room and work desk to drive the bad luck away and amplify your luck. Attract the approval of people by placing Rose Quartz Orbs in your living room, bedroom, and office desk.

Wear Brass Mantra Cuffs that remind you of positivity and your life goals. Place Rose Quartz and Aventurine Tumbled Stones and Orbs in your living room, bedroom, and work desk.

When the love inside you grows, everything else falls in to place and this will make you bloom in all aspects. Use the recommended affirmation at every opportunity, whatever the condition is, whether you feel good or bad. Meditate using a mala while chanting the “Mantra that Blesses the Body, Speech, and Mind” (OM AH HUM) guidance and tuning.