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ROOSTER in 2020

ROOSTER in 2020


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Auspicious Stars visit the Rooster sign this year. Planning ahead for the future this year will yield financial growth and stability. Long-term goals should be made this year as this is the best time to establish the foundation of a brighter future. Roosters need to be on their toes this year as 2020 is a year to build the life they want in the years to come and the results will be big. This is a good year for business expansion.

Your morals and feelings will clash and these make your emotions stronger in 2020. Stay positive in events of mischief or negativity. Strong emotions of love, passion, and romance will await your partner but be creative and fun! Do your best in all projects handed to you. It’s an opportunity to show your skills and leadership. Don’t be impulsive unless it’s a sure advantage. Money will give you satisfaction, so work more to earn more. Hobbies that give you a steady stream of income will be your happiness, too. Minor injuries and health issues will come your way. Nothing major. But be sure to use your energy into something more productive.


Start planting the seeds of abundance and prosperity by wearing 2020’s main and helpful stones for the Rooster.

Your sign’s Victory Bracelet is strung with every crystal that your animal sign needs not only this year but in the years to come. Make sure to use the Element Bracelet as the Piyao is a very auspicious symbol, and it is made of metal which pairs well with the year’s governing element. Use the recommended main stones to manifest your intentions. The helpful stones will provide the luck boost and guide you through your low months.

It’s a metal year, and it is also advisable to strengthen the metal element of your personal Feng Shui and your immediate environments. Extra Prosperity Tip: Place (an additional) any of these Money Trees on the northwest decor of your house to increase wealth this year: Aventurine, Citrine, Multi-Gem Tree. To amplify the power of the gemstones on display, place a Clear Quartz Orb near it.

Use the power of attraction to your favor by always keeping your recommended affirmation close to your heart. Use your Japa Mala to further seek the blessings of the heavens. Chant the “Mantra for the Source of All Dharma (cosmic order)” (TADYATHA OM MUNE MUNE MAHA MUNI YE SOHA) as it will bring you mountains of blessings and will purify eons of negative karma.