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RAT in 2020

RAT in 2020

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The Rat takes the spotlight this 2020 as it is the ruling sign and will enjoy the support of the Tai Sui. The Life Force is good but the Spirit Essence is weak, that is why the Rat-born people will need to boost his confidence this 2020. Great opportunities will come along your way, so always be ready for them.

While you will be a bit more independent this year, learn to discipline yourself but don’t forget to enjoy. In love, spontaneity will lead you to meaningful relationships! Singles, this is your year! Just keep it real from the start. Avoid debts in 2020. You tend to be more giving to people you have an emotional attachment with. In the workplace, you need to be persistent as no one will help you get to the top but you, pushing yourself to reach those limits. Always make sure you are healthy. If you’re healthy in 2019, it will continue this year. But, if not, then, you have to watch out and make positive changes in that aspect.


Boost your personal Feng Shui luck by wearing accessories made from your main gemstones and helpful crystals this year.

It is essential that you wear the Victory Bracelet for your animal sign as it contains all the important gemstones that resonate with your sign - yes, you can use this bracelet for a long time. The Element Bracelet ascertains that you are protected from the year’s afflictions and showered with blessings by the year’s good stars. The Piyao is a very powerful Feng Shui symbol. 2020 is a metal year so the metaphysical properties of the metal element are doubled. Use the recommended main stones to manifest your intentions. The helpful stones will provide the luck boost and guide you through your low months.

Borrow the luck of the Ox by hanging out with them or keeping them around.

Place the Rose Quartz Money Tree in the middle of your living room and on your work desk. The Aventurine Money Tree should be inside your living room to activate Wealth Luck. Place Aventurine tumbled stones on your purses and vehicles. Hang the Wind Horse prayer flag to activate and invite greater luck. Continue the winning streak this year brings by wearing Ganesh inspired silver jewelry.

Use the pacifying energies of gemstones to control your temper and attract kind energies outside and from within. Avoid being misjudged and misinterpreted. Use the Lotus Bangle to gain favor from people around you. You may chant or meditate on the “Obstacle Dispeller Mantra” (OM AH HUM, VAJRA GURU PADMA SIDDHI HUM). Keep your Crown Chakra balanced so you will be blessed with guidance on the necessary steps to take each time you have to make an important decision.