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RABBIT in 2020

RABBIT in 2020

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Rabbits will be blessed with the will to succeed this year, however with the Five Yellow Star under their sign, many obstacles (accidents, illness, business not prospering) will challenge them this year. Rabbit-born people must stay alert, focused, and determined to able to get through the year’s tough times.

You may have left some stuff to cover from the past year to 2020. You will be very busy doing that. You will be very ideal when it comes to love; don’t focus on the image of a perfect partner. Work harder this year and you will get rewarded. Collaborate and you may get what you want in your career. Sweep those debts out as early as possible, to avoid stress. Time to clean up your budget and try to follow it this year. Save money for the future. You will need it. Work-related stress might hound you so try to stay away from the screen, if not needed.


Break the obstacles to success by using gemstone Feng Shui cures and enhancers, especially those that can be worn as they create force fields of protection and they radiate positivity.

By using your sign’s Victory Bracelet, you reap the benefits of all the positivity that the gemstones for your sign emits and it can be used for a long time. Now wearing the Element Bracelet opens you to the material and immaterial blessings of the Piyao and the gemstones as well. It is good to wear them in 2020 because metal is the element of the year. Use the recommended main stones to manifest your intentions. The helpful stones will provide the luck boost and guide you through your low months.

Wear a silver Ganesha Pendant to deter obstacles. Place protection tumbled stones on your living room, work desk, and inside your purse. Clear Quartz Money Tree should be inside your living room to activate good vibrations. Hang a Ganesha banner / painting inside your work area or living room near the door. The Five Element Pagoda is the symbol that you really need this year.

Use the recommended affirmation so you won’t be disheartened each time you face a hurdle or obstacle. Keep your Heart Chakra balanced and give out love to the Universe and the love will bounce back to you and double your success luck. To increase wealth, use your mala and chant the “Ganapati Mantra” (OM AH GA HUM PAT SVAHA). Don’t forget to do charitable work (even small ones like giving alms or rescuing or feeding a stray cat) each time you receive blessings to thank the Universe. Doing so will multiply your abundance.